Nathandisco on 10/03/2015
iiLaVrael on 10/03/2015


Hey there, my name's Jem.
I'm currently 17 yrs old, turning 18 on Feb. 10
Senior in Highschool.

Awkward & Weird at first.
Pretty nice once ya'll get to know me.
Traveling and shopping are my jam.
YouTube, Music and Anime, especially anime keep me entertained.
Singing is something I love, but need practice with.

School makes me go out & have a life.
That being said I won't be on here as much as I used to be.
So hit me up using any of my contact info.


Contact :

Kik : Jemmxd
Skype : Jemmmxd
Snapchat : Jemmmcx


I'm sorry, but I quit... Im done with all this ********' stress
I'll miss you all.
Bye guys.

Kriss is Bae and my best friend tbh.