LittleJelliie on 08/31/2015


Oh hi yeah, I'm Jem.
I'm a senior in HS. woaaaah.
I am in a wonderful relationship with my boyfriend, so don't try hitting on me whatsoever. I will ignore you.

I'm mostly on CB, or in VH.
If not, I'm distracted by Youtube & Anime.
Well okay, mostly anime, because I watch too much Anime. DW I don't have a problem... >_>
I'm a tea addict, like srsly. Give me some tea and I'll love you forever.
I'm pretty awkward at first, but later on, I'm a pretty nice, but still awkward & weird.
I'm emotional also, so watch out.

alright thats all for now ok.
no moar pls.
ok yw.

if ya wanna contact me anywhere else than gaia
pm me and what not.
better not be a creep.

I'm sorry, but I quit... Im done with all this ********' stress
I'll miss you all.
Bye guys.