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....too angelic to be any of the horsemen. But I know there's an angel of God somewhere in the apocalypse...I think he's supposed to blow a horn and announce the world's end, or something... sweatdrop

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my pokemon:
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Why would you want to rule the world? Its filled with people.

Amish Ghost

thats not very nice now
he needs to be whacked with a bible

TEDDY-MAN! the famous super-hero, 'course.

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Silent Mobius2
You look like an angelic avenger with style, that's so cool! heart cool

You look so adorable & glompable in your sparkly blue outfit. x3!

Sir Spork VII
Dude, if you're going to a anti-gay camp, and all you'll surrounded by are other sexually frustrated gay dudes.....

It's like...telling a fat kid he's going to anti-cake camp, and when he gets there, he's surrounded by cake....

i mean occasionally

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Shadow on the Sidewalk
Two in every one person in Britain is schizophrenic.

But, well, that's my take on your situation, now I'm going to talk about me razz
My boyfriend just turned 19 in november, and I turned 16 in september. And I hate sounding so typical of people my age in uneven age relationships, but yeah, we do get along fine! He kinda went "f*ck the system" so the system f*cked him, and as a result he's in an alternative "high school diploma" program. I'm currently in college.

Pansexual. Gender means jack-diddly except what set of tools I'm working with. I like people for their personalities, not their appearances. (Boobs help, though. But boobs are basically God's gift to everyone, ever, so that's to be expected.)

When I'm in the shower, my mom will ask, "What are you doing?"...

"My homework."

My Dad says I'm a gay boy trapped in a lesbian's body. I love my Dad.

The Sociopath
Perhaps you've been kissing bad kissers.

That might be like telling a lesbian that she just hasn't met the right man yet.

Music is the cheapest therapist you can get.

Anne Frankly
CollegeStudent McNinja
Wait, I thought Anne Frank was blind, deaf, and dumb... How's she using the internet?
That's Helen Keller, you retard...

I Love [Put Name Here]
"A woman my size should not have boobs this big"
This was my drama teacher in front of class.

I Love [Put Name Here]

"We will draw a line here, and there....well not there...that looks like a p***s." - Art teacher.

bloodfire v2
"If I wanted your opinion, I would have told you what it was..."

"Chocolate Skittles" aren't made of chocolate, they're made of a**. ):

Give me Gummie Bears scream

As much as I fear death, I would if it meant my boyfriend could stay alive and live his life.
I love him that much. I would, without hesitating, give my life for him.

But he better not be a jackass and ******** up after. mad

I don't skip school.
I go on self-motivated field trips.

Okay, so no its not a new movie. I just watched it though.

Even if it is a load of crap, you gotta look at what they're trying to do. Put you in a cage and tell you what to think. I can't stand the hypocricy (sp?). Its all I'm trying to get out and say.

Oh, you're attacking Zeitgeist? In that case, welcome to the ED, have a drink!

Ask Jareth

I'd take my cat with me into the bath, but I'm afraid the outcome would be rather unfortunate. eek

Twisted 0bsession
I am an Athiest.. and honestly.. you embarrass me talk2hand

I think the worst ones are those damn humans.

Captain Verd
So we're NOT talking about Jews?

Last Thursday
Hide and seek...

I think by the time that someone would be able to take something like this, they'd probably already have gone through the mental, physical, and emotional anguish that (at least to some extent) most GLBTQQI people go through.

Granted, it'd probably make life a whole lot less confusing, I'd never want to change the course of my destiny simply because I was too weak to follow through.

So, nay.

...Trains and sewing machines.

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Gay people don't have bowel movements, dumbass.

The White Countess
Yeah, I think people forget that.

You have a right to say whatever you want, and everyone else has a right to call you an idiot.

Last Thursday
Hide and seek...

My first sexual experience was with a girl.

We were playing house.

And I was stressed out from work.

So she said to do what her daddy did when he was stressed out from work.

Fingers were allowed to roam.


...Trains and sewing machines.

Armadildo Mule
One day Lanzer sends you a pm saying "Hey ______, I was wondering if you wanted to cyber? I'll pay you 1 million gold and any MC you want. No strings attach" Would you say yes?

Teh Savior
We can't stop here!

Even though I'm not gay... for a panda hat... I could be "Confused" for 15 minutes.

This is Bat Country!

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I don't think I care what happens anymore. This world isn't worth the time we put into it. I'm making my own world and moving there.

It is a well known fact that females carry babies in their lungs.


I don't see how it was particularly constitutional. It's never constitutional to put the rights of others to a vote, sorry.

Mei tsuki7
In Medias Res IV
Do you like coming on Gaia and being attacked by people who know more than you?

If y'all knew more than I, y'all would be able to believe in someone smarter and more powerful than you.

I do. He's called Steven Hawking.

Appel Juice
Try out a real one. If you don't like it, you're not homosex. If you do? Congrats, you're bi.

Thing is, real penises don't excite me, and I've never done anything remotely sexual with my dildos besides the icing incident.
Honestly, no. It doesn't make you homosexual.

I suppose there can be a non-sexualized fixation to penises. It's more likely you are a closet case playing with suppressed unconscious desires, however, it's not definitive.

You can dress them up and use them for shadow puppets if you want, and use them as massage tools and to stir up cake batter or as a cockroach squasher. There are many uses for dildos and phallic shapes that are not sexual in intent.

Objectively, you're not gay.

Realistically, your dad used to touch you at night.

tererun the spooky

Did I say you do? Did I mention you by name in the above quote? I am pretty sure I did not, and therefore it may not apply to you specifically, though since you are so defensive about it I would assume you are a person who falls into the category at this point. Just to poke a little hole in your ego, when people do not specifically identify that they are talking about you online they probably have no idea who you are, and are not referring to you. This is because you are actually very unimportant to the world and most people really don't care if you exist one way or another. The world does not revolve around you. You are not important. No I was not referring to you because in my world you are just an annoying self important t**t with delusions of grandeur.

BTW that noise that sounds like a balloon deflating in your overinflated ego popping. You are welcome.

My response was because what you were saying pretty much sounded like 'either you hate and are repulsed by men, or you are somewhat sexually attracted to them'. You never did explain why it has to be one or the other. You just launched into some tirade about how 'insignificant' I am to the world.

I get this entire wall o' text (and you called me an annoying t**t lolol mmkay) just cause I pointed out I didn't fit a blanket you threw over "many" lesbians? If it fit "so many"of us, why is it bad for me to point out that it doesn't fit me? I know you didn't say all, but really, saying "many" implies you have met at least more than half of all the lesbians of the world. I don't think you're in the position to be calling anyone defensive, honey. You just defined it. Did we have a bad day at school?

And I find the fact that you think my ego could be punctured by you laughable, and pretty goddamn egotistical. Also hypocritical, given the subject matter. As if some random internet b***h could ever even begin convince me I'm not the s**t.

Exoth XIII
Tadpole Jackson
Tadpole Jackson
cops are terrible shots, most don't ever fire their service weapon outside of qualification (or killing someone's dog) or shooting a perp.

That's basically what they are for. As well as to look cool.

Tadpole Jackson
i've met cops that don't even know what kind of gun they have.

A handgun most likely.

Tadpole Jackson
so yeah, i'd think people who practice regularly and love guns would be more adept at using them.

So? That is a non-issue.

Tadpole Jackson
unless of course you're trying to imply that all police are SWAT trained, and that all of them would obey the illegal order to disarm the populace.

It's only an illegal order until it is made legal. Then it becomes a legal order. Most people are willing to do their job and police are quite good at arresting people for contraband.

make and model, not 'type'

you really are delusional, lol.

I think she means, you don't have to know the brand name, to know how to point the loud end and the peoples what fall down.

The rose in spring
Tadpole Jackson
How do you plan on taking a loaded gun out of my hands?

By killing you.

fresh linen
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it has been a long time! I rejoined gaia and reopened my charity and its doing well lol. What have you been up to?

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Depends what kind you want. I mostly do Superheroes and Ninjas. But I do do normal people from time to time. Anything particular you'd like to see?

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Your Signature said to let you know if someone was good at making OC's. Well I am, but it depends on what kind you want.

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$165, The link on the sig takes you to her DA page and you can check her prices there.

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thanks for the comment levi jones. i almost want to say levi JEANS!!

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We keep missing each other D: ;-;
ive been so distracted by things that i generally only stay focused on gaia in short bursts D:

maybe next time try useing the gaia IM system? that genreally gets my attention if you dont wanna use a regular messenger

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nm im in michigan for the weekend hate shool

hows s**t with you?

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i know D: ;-;

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Thank you, kind Sir :3


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