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3DS FC is 3093-7452-0864
Do not copy my profile's graphics nor avatar
I accept profile commissions for high bribes.
questions about equipped items will be ignored.
Do not randomly add me. I will decline.


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( Name's Levi, Captain of the scouting legion and the squad leader of the Special Operations Squad. If you have time to banter, you have time to train. Stop wasting your time- When did you last bathe, you disgusting pile of human offal? )

Marc / 23 / Male / Face

I'm an illustrator, professional photography editor and graphic designer. Ya boi won Gold awards in 2015 and 2016.

20% gamer, 20% artist, 20% gym, 40% chill.

I'm not talkative so don't expect me to start a conversation because I just suck at that. I do love random comments/PMs though, especially from strangers.

Hit me up if you like Pokemon, Dragon Age, Attack on Titan, Metal Gear, Skyrim, the Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy or Achievement Hunter.


Levi Ackerman




My art