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Hello! My name is Courtney but please call me lynn,leo, or rose! i am 19 being that this previous year on august 19th was my golden birthday..and currently still in highschool...(i was held back a year so i'm only a jr.. will be a sr next year) only a few more days left! I live in louisiana near the gulf of mexico..I plan to visit NY and move to japan to learn japanese and become a manga artist if my plans as a video gaming designer/animator doesn't seem to go as planned...I may not be the prettiest girl out there but i am the most wonderful friend anyone can have.. I'm loyal,kind,trustworthy, will never lie,cheat,steal,scam,or trick, i'm very real when giving advice and i am a somewhat good listener but will catch important details about the other person's problems... My grammar sucks a** this i already know but atleast i know how to spell! My hobbies/past times are: drawing,reading manga/books,watching anime,hanging out on gaia in vh/t1 or t2, and listening to music... Music is pretty much my life i grew up with it in my everyday activities as a child and into teen years..(if you wish to know what i like to listen to in genres feel free to pm me)... i can be shy at some points when in a big groups of people, or surrounded by new faces... but i will sometimes step out of my way to talk on a related subject with someone else and in hopes of an attempt to make new friends! if you wish to know more (which i pretty much coverd most part) like what kinds of anime i like to watch and what books i like then feel free to pm me! bai bai now!




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