Hello people of gaia who are viewing my profile. I assume you are here to learn a little bit about me so here you are:

I've been a member since 2006, and my original account was Kairi154, however this has been my primary for the majority of my time on this site.

My real name is Alyssa, but Lenora has been sort of my "other" name for a long time, and I really like the nickname Len, so feel free to call me any of those!

I am currently in college, my major was recently changed to Drawing and Painting, and I plan to go into either Animation or Comics after graduation. Though we'll see where life takes me.

Right now I use this site to either draw or roleplay, so it's likely you found me through either means.

I am also really into cosplay as a hobby, so you can find my gallery of that here. My friends and I also have a joint youtube for stupid cosplay videos called 2ndStarProductions.

As for my art, I try to draw all the time since it's my intended future career, so if you're interested in looking at any of my art work, you can check my dA here.

Well, I think that about covers it. If you have any questions or just want to message me, I frequent gaia so feel free to send me a PM. Thanks for reading!


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Report | 10/14/2014 12:14 am


Hi Lennnn!!!
*Huggiez Tight*
Sorry its been a little bit since I've been on. Work has been crazy busy, but luckily my projects have slowed down, so I have a little more time to myself. Lolz.
How have you been? I just saw your video update. I'm sooo sad that I don't get to see any vid's on your adventures at Matsuricon. But at least you get to tell me about it, so I can picture how much fun you had. I am glad that you and your group are trying to add some more vids. I know its tough with everyones schedules and life taking a lot of time away from being able to accomplish your video goals. But I hope that you are all able to get together and have some fun putting them together. I can't wait to see what you come up with.
And personally, I like the different kinds of videos that you come up with. Whether it be a small skit, or a dance routine, or something even more planned out. It shows that you are up for doing a wide variety of things that you would like to show everyone. I will definitely keep an eye out for your new vids. But in case I miss the releases I hope that you would send me a message when you have posted new ones. xd
Well, I haven't thought of what I am going to dress up as for Halloween yet. But I will probably start looking maybe this weekend and see what I might want to do. Have you already picked what you are going to be for Halloween? I am sure that you are going to pick something amazing. xd
Were you able to move into your new place away from campus yet? Is it better than the one with all the parties and nonstop noise?
Hmmm, its getting kinda late, so I think I should I should start getting ready for bed. I hope that you are able to see this and I can't wait to hear back from you. I miss our talks.
Nighty Night and sweetest of dreams.

Report | 09/27/2014 9:34 am


Hiiii Len!!!!!!
*Tackle Hugs*
That's ok that you didn't get back to me right away. I know that you are very busy, especially with school and all. How do you like your classes so far?
Are you doing anything fun this weekend?
I have a few plans with some friends but nothing really exciting.
Halloween is coming up though and we are having a party at my friends house, so we need to gear up for that. It should be a blast.
Do you know what you are doing for Halloween yet? Dressing up? biggrin

Report | 09/23/2014 7:53 pm


Hiii Len!!!
I hope you are doing really great and that school is treating you well.
Miss You.

Report | 09/08/2014 5:55 pm


Hi Len!
You don't have to apologize. I definitely know what its like to be overly busy. Luckily I am slowing down just a little bit. At least for this week. TeeHee.
How is school going so far? Like your classes? Schedule? New Friends? xd
I am really happy that you had such a great birthday. Did you save me some cake? xd Sounds like the rest really did you some good. My little mini vacation really helped me also. I ended up staying in town and hanging out with friends. Did some around town type stuff. We have 2 new water parks that just opened up here, so I visited both of those, which was a lot of fun and also visited some of the new buildings that opened up that I haven't been in before. Some very amazing art/ designs. biggrin
Ack, I know what you mean. I tend to procrastinate about a lot of things. Though I am not sure if that is just my job. I always look at the fine details and start focusing on them and I have to pull myself back to work on the overall picture and more important items. Lol.
Things have been going pretty well here. We are actually getting a lot of rain today, which is kinda nice. It makes it only like 85 here right now and tons of clouds, so it feels amazing. Maybe I'll go home and go swimming in the rain. Have you done that? It is really great. xd
Well, I have to run home now, so I will talk to you later. *Hugz*

Report | 09/05/2014 6:45 pm


Hiii Len!!!
I don't mean to bother you if you are busy, but I just wanted to say Hi and give you a *Hug*. xd
I hope that you are doing well and that you had a wonderful birthday!!!
Miss You.

Report | 08/31/2014 11:55 pm


Ahhh, No Wayyy. That's not refreshing. That would just be mean. And just as a little warning. If you splash me with water, I may just have to dunk you into my pool. HeHe.

That is good that your sister is into anime as well. Its always nice to have some things in common and be able to enjoy some of the same things. Sorry, that you don't win too many of your battles though. Hopefully she doesn't make you do the dishes every time. xp That is great that you have a car to get around with. It sounds like you have the same public transportation that we have here. We seem to have a lot but not very reliable either.

No, it really isn't a bad drive. And that is hilarious that your cali friend was yelling that. I know what she means though. It is a much easier drive when people are talking to you and it helps you stay awake if you start to get a bit tired. AX last year was a bit long mainly cause the other people in the car with me were all sleeping when we started since it was 300 am. Luckily I was wide awake while driving. Lol.

I didn't know that Monday is your birthday. Well, let me be the first to wish you a Very Happy Birthday!!! Since it is now midnight, Monday morning. That sounds really great that you are spending time with all your friends. I hope that you have a really wonderful day. 21 is definitely a huuge milestone, so you should party hard today. But make sure and be safe too, you have to come back to me and tell me how the birthday bash was. xd

*Big Birthday Huggiez for You*

Report | 08/29/2014 3:31 pm


Yayy. I knew I could count on you! Just don't dump a bucket of water on me or anything. That would just be mean. xp

That is really great that you get along with your sister soo well. Is she also into anime and cosplay? Ok and here's the big question. Between the 2 of you, who usually wins the dishes fight? Lol. And that's really nice to be soo close to campus. Hopefully you don't move too much farther away. Do you have a vehicle or would you have to take some sort of public transportation?

Yeah, I like living kinda close to Cali. It is like 4 1/2 hours to AX when I go and Sacramento isn't that far either, so I could make some extra trips down to go to some of the cons down there. And I hear ya about the stir crazy trips. Though I am the one usually driving, mainly cause I just like driving. HeHe.

Did I just hear you say Birthday Shenanigans? Is it going to be Your Birthday??

Report | 08/28/2014 10:39 pm


I have a few friends up in San Fran. and it is a lot of fun. Specially if you like the artists lifestyle. There is a lot too see there. But we will see what I actually end up doing. I might just take your advice and sleep for the 5 days. Just make sure you come over and shake me if I don't wake up after 5 straight days of sleep. Lol.

That is really great that you and your friends had a good time at the con. Did you go for all 3 days?

How do you like having your older sister as your roommate? I am sure some people have issues with there brothers and sisters, but as long as you both get along then it could be a lot of fun. biggrin And its good that your sister doesn't put up with other peoples crap. Cause I know if you didn't call the cops on your neighbors then they would just go on all night with the noise. Are you currently within walking distance of your school? Or do you have to take other means of transportation?

Oh wow. that is a long time before your next con. I really have to look up when the next cons here are. I think there should be at least 1 in October. Hmmm, and anime vegas site is down for servicing. How annoying. Though I know there are some in cali and its not tooo long a drive if I really wanted to go. What is the farthest distance that you travel for a con that you like going too?

I think I am going to wrap up some things on here and then go lay down, so I will talk to you later. Sweet Dreams (hopefully noise free). biggrin *Hugz*

Report | 08/28/2014 3:43 pm


Hiiii Len!!!
Yeah, I think I need a vacation too, and I am kind of taking a mini one. I took an extra couple of days after labor day. Tuesday and Wednesday to be specific, so its 5 days off in a row. Yayyy. I just have to plan to have some fun over these days off. Maybe a trip to San Fran might be nice. Or maybe something really random, like You can pick a place for me to go. Just some random place that I have never been. That would be pretty adventurous. TeeHee.

I am glad that you had fun at Matsuricon. Sounds like it was a really nice atmosphere. Did you still cosplay as Sailor V? Even though it wasn't completely ready? Or was there not enough done to be able to pull it off? And did you and your friends also do the RWBY cosplay at Matsuricon? I really like your group pic, you all did a really great job. And wow you look amazing with dark hair. HeHe.

Do you have a roommate that also gets to hear all of the party people upstairs from you? Sorry that you have to listen to that. Is it during the week that they are doing that? That is kinda disrespectful if they are keeping you up in the middle of the week at 3am. Sorry, I can't help you out, I would b***h them out for you if I could. biggrin

Well, I am trying to take it easy and like I said, I do have some time off coming up, so I will definitely be revitalized after then. What is your next big con that you have coming up?

Report | 08/26/2014 10:08 pm


Hiiiii Len!!!
Sorry I haven't responded in what seems like forever. This week has been really chaotic. At work anyways. I actually worked about 68 hours last week and I am still tired from it all. Probably because I don't get a whole lot of rest til the weekends usually. So I am running on fumes right now, then I probably will sleep for 2 years starting this weekend. Lol.

Heyyy, how was Matsuricon??? Did you finish all of your groups cosplays? How'd they turn out? In your opinion? Can't wait to see the pics, if you are going to post them. I actually just got done watching RWBY, well only up to what they have released online. I hadn't seen it before, but your cosplay got me curious. But I really like it. The story line and characters are really great. xd

Oh and thank you for the blue ink donation, but I forgot to put in my quest thread that someone donated the white body dye to me, so my first quest is over, for now. So if you would like your blue ink back then, just cancel the trade, ok. But if you do happen to send it anyways, then please know that it will go to a good home, as I will be helping others with the ink that I have currently received in my questing. biggrin

And what all have you been up too since we last spoke? I know that last week was probably a mad rush for you to complete your cosplays in time for the con. So are you in super relax mode now from all last week? TeeHee.

Sorry, I am going to cut this a bit short, but I am going to go veg on the couch for a bit.
Hope to hear from you soon. 4laugh


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