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Birthday: 08/11

About Moi

L l Female l Pansexual l Leo l Mentally Dating
The homo behind this account:
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I've been told that I'm too kind and I apologize a lot as well,so I hope that if we become friends that won't be annoying to you.
I love to think of myself as a cool/nice person,but honestly,I'm a big dork. smilies/icon_cool.gif So I hope you won't mind!

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(Send me a gift from this list if you wanna be generous? Valentines Day is coming up and I want some gifts.Thank youuu<3 )
Some Things I Really Want/ Questing:
Conquering Rabbitan
Squirt Fest
Strawberry Pandala
Delinquent Thrall
Sprinkle Fest[
Blair the Grunge Kitten
Bria the Grunge Kitten
Bella the Grunge Kitten

Angelic Rod or Angelic Rod PLUS

Given Donations:
Princess Manner - Given to me by the lovely Frostbitten Beauty
Obsessive Loyalty - Given to me by the kind -His Bunny Butler-
Rad Dog Leash - Given to me by the handsome Regni Lamia
Pretty Dog Leash - Given to me by the kawaii ll Ranma ll
1 Billion Gold - Won in a contest from Beautifully a Demon
Kandi Kitten - Given to me by the amazing Tote Puppe
Sunday Wander,Messenger Maya,Cross Lane,Innocent Thrall,Tailored Star,Stage Hair - Given to me by the amazing Demeaning Epilogue

Avi Art:
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Made By: Tybbi

Advertisements for friends:

Do you have any unwanted trash,such as bugs,paper,or even flowers? My friend Sparkle Gems is collecting such things,and she would love to have your unwanted trash!


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Sparkle Gems Report | 02/22/2015 9:04 am
Sparkle Gems
Thank you so much! emotion_hug
That means a lot to me!
Sparkle Gems Report | 02/22/2015 8:54 am
Sparkle Gems
Sorry Lemallow.. I haven't been on for a long long-ish time..
things here haven't been real too good for me.
Trying to figure out a way for me to be less depressed.
I've been doing some laughing therapy with my parents and siblings..
it's for me to not have this depression problem of mine.
Hope you understand and thank you for being my friend on here. emotion_hug
Beastmuffin Report | 02/14/2015 5:44 pm

-Kisses on the nose-
You're so adorable. You make me laugh all the time, you're such a bashful person who feels they're not very amazing, but you legit give my life so much value everytime we spend time together. Sorry we haven't talked together as much as we should, you are one of my most loved people on gaia I've ever known. Thank you for being you. heart

WTheC Report | 02/09/2015 7:45 pm
I peeked at your profile.
WTheC Report | 02/08/2015 10:35 pm
I peeked emotion_c8

SOLVEmedia told me to type "what for"
Honk if Youre Aroused Report | 02/08/2015 11:08 am
Honk if Youre Aroused
You most certainly did. Thank you 4laugh
Honk if Youre Aroused Report | 02/08/2015 11:04 am
Honk if Youre Aroused
Thanks so much for the gift emotion_kirakira
Sparkle Gems Report | 02/02/2015 8:35 pm
Sparkle Gems
heart heart heart
Sparkle Gems Report | 02/02/2015 10:02 am
Sparkle Gems
Oh goodness me.. you're so sweet!!! emotion_hug
Sparkle Gems Report | 02/01/2015 10:44 am
Sparkle Gems
I'm so glad you like it~~


~ Questing for Blue Stripers ~


Sparkle Gems
The Dukes Sin
 ll Ranma ll
Leche con Galletas
-His Bunny Butler-

People that are very important to me <3