Hello other life forms of Gaia. 
My name is Elizabeth.
So to be short and sweet, this is me:

I am an open person with an interest in people. Everyone is different and that's ok by me.
I can't hold grudges, it just doesn't happen.
Writing short stories is a hobby of mine. I just like to get my thoughts on paper.
I love looking at the sky at night. It looks like I can look out to forever and I think it's beautiful.
The best things in life are the things that can't be explained.
I don't hate anything. Hate is a really strong word and I don't think most people know what it really means when they say it.
I enjoy singing, but I've never had an audience so I don't know if I'm any good.
I love bunnies. They are a gift sent from the heavens to make me squeal.

Other Accounts:

Onchs BFF
Isis Aquaria
Agito bloodflyer
Ryuno chu
Addicting Matt
Chocolate Laced Mello


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no problemo
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Moved To CatJamSprinkles

you're welcome have a good day~!
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Lucky Rig Seller


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you're welcome
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xD-Nawt Amused-Dx

Thanks for the good price! biggrin
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Unicorn Queef

You're welcome!~
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Insignificant Beauty

You're welcome smile
Call me Rainleaf

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Call me Rainleaf

*I am addicted to that sooong.
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Stunning Stellar Stella

Yes completely the best 4laugh
Stunning Stellar Stella

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Stunning Stellar Stella

I love Lee! biggrin