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"Oh jesus Christ, what the hell are you doing, Leafeee?" The elder demon facepalmed as he stared at the other demonic male, who was sitting on the ceiling. Yes, the ceiling. Leafeee took another puff of his cigarette and smirked down at the other as his eyes slowly narrowed into amused slits. Unfortunately, he was upside down, so it was actually a frown to the viewer below.
"There's no Jesus Christ where we are now, man." he joked, his trademark tail of the devil whipping around him in a silver flash. Another sign of amusement, and along with his lazy smirk, it pissed off the older demon. Leafeee ran his hand through his musty brown hair as he awaited a response.
"Are you really going to sit on that ceiling all day? As a protest? For a cat?" The older demon sighed; Leafeee was such a… such a… He gave up on trying to come up with words. The younger male smiled and nodded, nuzzling his face into his fur-collared jacket, starting to fiddle with his dangling tie. The demon below just wanted to rip out those tiny little horns out from Leafeee's head at this point.
"I really like that cat, Satan, old man. It's really cute, and I'm not coming down until you say we can keep it."

Origin Angel
Deep in the depth of hell their was one being that stood out over all the rest. It's name, Leafeee.

Unlike the other creatures that roamed hell, Leafeee was not there because of some bad thing he did in his human life, nor because of some divine being he pissed off. Rather, He came to hell to take it by storm. Keeping his average human clothes, the only difference between his old life and his new life is the horns on his head and the tail on his back.

What he does is far different from the other creatures as well. Walking around like a mobster in the late 60s, he take over the land of other demons with easy. His lack of fear and mercy makes him invincible. After every kill he just gives off a small smile that shows how cold he really is. His methods of killing are as inhumane as he can make them, from torture to setting them on fire with a lit cigarette. His laugh scared even the most fierce demons feared this sadistic spirit.

If you ever die and go to hell, make sure to watch out for the sly looking mobster with a cig always in his mouth.

I am so running out of ideas.

You're the go to guy in the mafia family if someone wants information on someone else, cause you're quick on your feet and quick with your tongue. You can charm anyone into spilling all their secrets.

You're a T.A. at a school for delinquents; You deal with troubled youth from the ages of 2-10. These little hellions are not misunderstood, they are are the worst of the worst. A few kids have even been convicted of murder, your job is to maintain the peace and stop any paraphernalia from being circulated through the classes; which includes sippy cups made into shanks, and "sour milk" a type of hallucinogenic drug.

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