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If you don't know where you are heading, you are going to end up somewhere else.

I guess I can say I truly like/love this stuff:
MY ELECTRIC GUITAR BBY, DuckTapeMOonCheese <3333
being a female bby ;3 icecream, randomness, easy going, jokes, love, laughing, talking, friends, Kazuya /PI<3, going to concerts, rubber ducks, unique, purple & green, nature, waterfalls, castles, music, my band, DC shoes, posters,traveling, Japan, photography, drawing, reading, deviant art, my sister,the city,JROCK/JPOP and MUCHO more I can’t come up with.

I LOVE these bands/singers:
Three days grace, adema, linkinpark, the red jumpsuit apparatus,bullet for my valentine, story of the year, second hand serenade, papa roach, Alexz Johnsen, Dennis, daft punk, hellogoodbye, evanescence, within temptation, Nirvana, shiny toy guns,lostprophets, sum 41, 30 seconds to mars, skillet, from first to last, fall out boy, hinder, crossfade, despairsray (SEEN INREAL), dir en grey (SEEN INREAL), alice nine, all American rejects, breaking benjamin, kat-tun, NEWS, boyslikegirls, sugarcult, greenday, bright eyes, kill hannah and many more.

Stufu I do not likey <!--3:
Sadness, yelling, fighting, tears, waiting, sickness, arrogant people, people with no opinion, barbies, yellow, angry, depression, not being able to do anything for someone.

I like it if you send me a pm or give me a comment <3

Currently more active on other account:

jiisu sunrise


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AshesOfTheWake__x Report | 10/06/2008 4:15 am
Leuke avi
zeny~inc Report | 02/04/2008 12:32 pm
well hes back now, and we don t know to believe his story or his friends, cuz there different but , has to do with one ditching the other.

he was gone 3 days.... and is back now, acording to him, he walked long ways to get fuel, cuz he was in middle of no where and was out of fuel.

oh, and im going to aproach on job, at a game store.. cuz its my section xD
zeny~inc Report | 02/02/2008 7:18 pm
oh and ps, to real comment reply.. yeah i dont have job currently but i going to get one.
sakura_princess13 Report | 02/02/2008 12:33 pm
if u send this to 12 peoples and then press ctrl+w than you will get 40000gg it REALLY works!!!!
stolen_dream Report | 02/02/2008 11:00 am
Wat een vrolijk profiel, ik hou er wel van User Image. Ik weet al hoe dat ene heet dat ik wil: faustro's bottle. En volgens mij issie nu weer in iets anders veranderd, ik snap er ook helemaal niks meer van. Allez kids?

Doegies van mij en de brownies
zeny~inc Report | 02/02/2008 4:49 am
User Image, well my mom is said again, and now stressed.. her fiance was gone for a couple days, and now he's missing no one knows wat happen to him. he just disapeared. he was at a friends house and they said, he just left or somthing.. also leaving the person that he had with him.
zeny~inc Report | 02/01/2008 5:49 pm
it really is, asking parents is common at least till 16.. past 16 )17+( its just sad...
zeny~inc Report | 01/31/2008 10:38 am
awesome, i gotta get me one, just to lazy to find one.
xAssistance Report | 01/30/2008 7:19 pm
ur welcom :]
zeny~inc Report | 01/30/2008 1:45 pm
you got a job hehe, part-time? and ill comment.