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Butter Lover



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Art by:
♥ CrystalSugarStars ♥


[ Hello there ]
I'm just a dweeb that is really into cartoons such as Steven Universe,
Gravity Falls, and Rick and Morty.
There was a time I drew a lot, wrote stories, roleplayed, and sang but
all I do now is play League of Legends.
There was more I wish to say here, but for now that's all I can think
about myself that's worth a quick mention.
Oh hey, actually, I love the Legend of Zelda series and let's add
Undertale on the list too!
Please let me support you on league! I'm known as SlRMlTTENS there!
Another game I frequently play is Town of Salem.

Wishlist always updated.

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You'll usually catch me on at night because I'm a vampire.
Born in the 1700's, I have a long history of being mega-cool.
Where I was born is called something completely different today,
so small details like that don't matter, huh?
What matters alone is that I consider myself genderless.
I prefer being called a loaf of bread over male or female though.
In the 1700's, I learned much about becoming a ninja.
For the 1800's, those were my rebellious years. I learned quite a bit from the hood.
Believe it or not, I had my own gang consisting of eight members.
This is where I got my title 'Leader' from.
When the 1900's struck, it was time to put all this behind me and start anew. Maturing a little, I decided to practice medicine.
Becoming a doctor wasn't hard at all,
seeing I lived through what little we've discovered the past few decades.
I retired in the early 1950's.
I do not have a diploma to show proof of my profession,
and what I've learn then isn't accurate of today.
In the end, I'm still proud to call myself a retired doctor.
All I do in this timeline is make pizzas for a living.
A big fan of Mike Inel, Vinnie Veritas, Eddsworld, and so forth.
I plan to switch it up and work at a bowling alley sometime.
Having the same job for long is boring-
being a doctor has already proven that.
I'm known as the PUNISHER among many,
and love doing art for those I like.

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Bone Senpai Report | 07/27/2017 4:48 am
Bone Senpai
tysm c:
The Tarrasque Report | 07/22/2017 11:00 pm
The Tarrasque
dang. these RP threads are so much more immersive from when i was 15?

who let these nerds learn stuff past: *this is an action*

ugh. to keep up with the times? thats cool though. I'm glad you found something you seem passionate about?


but no I'm good. promotion was in the bag. and I'm fiscally stable until i wanna progress more, lawl'acaust.

how are you little bug?
The Tarrasque Report | 07/22/2017 11:16 am
The Tarrasque
holy cow?!?! is all that art unique to this thread/character??

or just a template you changed? <3

dude. so much effort- mad respect!!
oh yeah? psh! hun, youre talking my language! i know about all of the fey/fay!

im a comic writer razz all fantasy based (unitil 380 books from now when i start a space story or something)

thats cool to be an unbound nymph! especially a land nymph! do you know some of the powers those monsters have? GEEZZZ. if you need help for it I'm here smile

i have an OC Gray Elf i was thinking about but I'm too busy atm the jump in- ill pm you.
The Tarrasque Report | 07/19/2017 10:18 am
The Tarrasque
well dont you seem comfortable smile

oh yeah? I've gotta start developing OC character :p


your layout is super rouge. I'm guessing your profile?
The Tarrasque Report | 07/19/2017 1:27 am
The Tarrasque
i tried to read it but i couldn't find a define start hahaha

oh snap that one just started up!

you know anyone in it?
The Tarrasque Report | 07/19/2017 12:15 am
The Tarrasque
i wanna be apart of a serious role-play smile )))

so wait this looks like its a continuation from something?
The Tarrasque Report | 07/18/2017 11:46 pm
The Tarrasque
yeah? thats dope- sames. i have no sets shifts surprised

oh snap? what RP??
haha im glad youre having fun.

<3 dude. i try to be cute smile
thannnkkkk you. i bet youre adorable i wouldn't trip
The Tarrasque Report | 07/18/2017 11:04 pm
The Tarrasque
thank you-

how and why are you awake buddY? surprised
The Tarrasque Report | 07/18/2017 10:44 pm
The Tarrasque
xp congrats on the arena
ferchitocontri Report | 07/13/2017 7:32 am
im glad to e hear that
thank you

Play this at my funeral

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