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Because I'm lazy and don't want to type out a decent "about me" section.

Screen name: LDSK
Names: Loy, LDSK, Lin -- or you could call me John
Personality: Not much.
Extras: Also have skype and an unused tumblr.
Likes: THE DARK CONDUCTOR ... and the Ringmaster



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And an obligatory image of the Ringmaster. Because you know, he just has to be involved as well.
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Well, that's my page.
I'll update this ... later.


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Dark Chansey Report | 03/25/2016 9:57 am
Dark Chansey
      for now since i'ts "holy week here" the traffic is almost non-existent. so YAY! I can relax.
      but on Monday it will be back to regular traffic and a travel hours of 1-1/2 to 2 hours gonk

      at least I'm back to 8 hours... and I'll start training for the new dept by Monday.
      hopefully I'll like it better. because if not... i'll really have no choice but to resign. : '/

      ...signed Dark Chansey
Dark Chansey Report | 03/24/2016 9:51 am
Dark Chansey
      slightly better than before
      when i was still in the new dept. which is 9hours+ and always GY shift (12mn-9am or 1am-10am

      RANT portion a.k.a. the stresses in being that dept. which can be hazardous to health in the long run.

      -but because we're obliged to be at work 15 minutes before... it's like we need to giveaway 15-30minutes free!)
      our salary per month is around US $345, tax is not yet deducted. T A T;;;
      my previous salary (which i think will be my current salary now that i'm transferred back)
      is around US $215.6 per month, tax not yet included. but the hours is only 8 hours per day.

      -my hours of travel from work to home is 1.45hours to 2hours+ if heavy traffic. and another 1.45hours to 2hours+ going back. crying
      so that additional one hour for work from my previous dept. is already a big rest hour for me. //cries

      -we're also obliged to adjust our lunch time with when the doctor will allow us to have lunch
      or when they're waiting for patient which we don't have any idea if it will only take few minutes to more than an hour!
      so take a guess how we'll even figure that one out in terms of taking a break.

      -i thought i could handle it but my body started to gave out.
      i started to often have headaches, ear pain, cough/sore throat, stomach ache, and mostly right-sided back pain
      along with dizziness intermittently that mixes 2-3 of these symptoms.
      what's worse is that i've already used my 5days sick leave which i honestly think should not be only 5 per year (i think)
      since no one can predict sickness and how many really is needed to recover.

      -as much as i don't want to give up, my health is the one giving out on me.

      it's so easy to say take this-or-that to not get sick.
      BUT there's number one rule in health/medicine that most people do not know or disregard:
      that is to NEVER self-medicate
      because in the long run it can damage one's liver and lead to multiple severe/chronic problems.


      ...signed Dark Chansey
Dark Chansey Report | 03/23/2016 8:52 am
Dark Chansey
      it's ok, rest well ^ v ^ and get well asap.

      they already informed me regarding my schedule and i'll be training again for another dept next week.
      hopefully this time, i can manage with the sched and pass it.

      tca. heart

      ...signed Dark Chansey
Dark Chansey Report | 03/20/2016 5:23 am
Dark Chansey
      i'm good... just waiting for HR to text me back on
      when can I start again and on what account...
      but as of this sunday, I haven't received a single text from them.
      worse come to worst, i'll be really resigning as i originally had plan
      and find another job that's different from what i'm doing,
      or same but with higher pay and nearer to my location.

      that's good that you're done with your exam. hehehe

      that's a worth it avi you made then!

      some items got sold but some did not. and it took really long > m <;;;;

      ...signed Dark Chansey
Dark Chansey Report | 03/19/2016 2:45 am
Dark Chansey
      omg I love your avi right now! it looks stylish, cool and ready/already killing! <333
      how's your exam? i mean did you finish already?
      how are you lately? and what are you busy into?

      ...signed Dark Chansey
Dark Chansey Report | 03/17/2016 11:28 am
Dark Chansey
      it's just random fave items put together. lol
      originally i'm going for sailormoon traveling near waterfall
      but i decided to use some items that represent how stressed i am.

      emotion_hug back YES we both need it crying
      good luck on your finals and study/review what you can, but don't overdo it, k? :''>

      ...signed Dark Chansey
Dark Chansey Report | 03/17/2016 10:39 am
Dark Chansey
      emotion_hug thank you very much! I MISS YOU! how are you?
      i'm stressed lately due to work hours demand and traffic


      ...signed Dark Chansey
TripleCritical Report | 03/02/2016 12:57 pm
Gaia what the hell.
Don't tell me you're one of those who puts a different birthday date on their profiles .x.
TripleCritical Report | 03/01/2016 12:40 pm
It's your birthday for real today?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU pretty rascal <3333
TripleCritical Report | 01/27/2016 2:27 am
Thanks dude emotion_bigheart
Spam some more of your Exorciblings, that thing is flawless.

You trust me but I don't trust myself WHAT DID I DO WRONG.
I am going to send a wip soon I promise. I got lost in a couple of FE hype art and stuff.


SO CLOSE (but not really)

What do we do with a drunken whaler?
A) Feed him to the hungry rats for dinner
B) Slice his throat with a rusty cleaver
C) Stuff him in a sack and throw him over


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