User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Hiiiii, I'm Bri. I'm twenty-two. I've been on Gaia since I was thirteen hahaha. Oh, how the time flies! I used to be on all the time. Now I just get on when I'm super, SUPER bored. I'm mixed with primarily Mexican, Black, & Scottish. I have a puppy named Petey, whom I love with all my existence. He's honestly the sweetest baby dog ever. I work at a financial institution. I plan on moving to California, getting my masters there, and just overall chillin'. Lana Del Rey, Drake, and 1D are my favorites. Lana Del Rey is literally like sex to my ears. I can listen to her over and over and I never get tired of her. Drake has been my favorite for what feels like forever... I don't even like rap that much, but he's such an exception. Maybe it's his sensitivity c: I WILL ALWAYS BE A DIRECTIONER! Zayn is my favorite, but I'll continue to support regardless. I'm really down to listen to anything from post-hardcore to country. Though, it's really hard for me to like country music... I'm also a huge Marilyn Monroe fan. I think she was the most beautiful woman to have ever existed. If you're one of those people who are going to bombard me with 'oh, she was such a slut, blah blah,' just stay away. Plz. l0l0l Overall, close-minded people annoy me (eople who listen to only one type of music and refuse to listen to anything else, people who refuse to see a view differently or at least try). OK, this bio is turning into a rant. I'll stop here lol. c: As long as you're open-minded and chill, I'm sure we'll get along. If not though, ialreadyhateyouokay. <3

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"Knowing clouds will rage, and storms will race in, but you will be safe in my arms." - Plumb


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