I've adopted a Bunny!
Likes:me because thinks im a girl ^.^, and carrots and love ^^
Dont like:humans,stalked up people,foxes
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I adopted a
Likes:battle and me but doesnt know that im not a horse ^.^,
Dislikes:low classed hay and any person
Why my pet loves me:idk she keeps licking me and cuddling with me
Why I love my pet:she helps me so munch and i love her smilies/icon_heart.gif
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Likes:cold places and me
Dislikes:humans and demons
Owner: kloud
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I just adopted a Pet!
Likes:me and only me
Doesn't Like:other people and animals
You can adopt one too!
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foaming mad

Report | 03/18/2013 6:34 am

foaming mad

foaming mad

Report | 02/23/2013 7:04 pm

foaming mad

foaming mad

Report | 01/03/2013 5:05 pm

foaming mad

i cn understand that family ya know C:
foaming mad

Report | 12/26/2012 3:39 pm

foaming mad

merry christmas
sorry that this message is a day late and everything.
foaming mad

Report | 12/07/2012 4:50 pm

foaming mad

I miss you so much
I think about you all the time
when you see this please reply
I want to talk to you again
and spend time with you again
love you
foaming mad

Report | 12/04/2012 2:29 pm

foaming mad

-sends infinite love your way- emotion_dowant
foaming mad

Report | 11/14/2012 3:28 pm

foaming mad

you should come back and talk to me more often
i worry about you

Report | 10/15/2012 6:45 pm


oooooooooomgsh you should see my new halloween costume! im a jester biggrin

Report | 10/01/2012 8:01 pm


meh its whatever, i was getting a little tired anyways xP
foaming mad

Report | 10/01/2012 4:49 pm

foaming mad



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