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No one really k n o w s me.
That's why I'm an
e n i g m a...

In a nutshell I love reading, writing/ RPing, drawing/ tattooing, and anyone that enjoys helping me build a plot to turn a short story into an epic tale.

You can call me Law, Lawless, Enigma... or whatever else you might think clever enough to call me by :] I have the tendency to seem like an jerk, but most of the time I'm just being my fun and sarcastic self. There's always those off days/weeks I'm just not in the mood to deal with people, though. I think there's a possibility I have bi-polar. But I haven't been diagnosed clinically, so we'll just say I'm a little moody sometimes -- k?

I am bisexual, androgynous in appearance (look both masculine and feminine or neither), and bi-gender. Now that I know the name of it, I feel confident to tell other people. Ha HAH! For those that don't know (as I didn't, until recently), bi-gendered people feel that they exhibit two different genders. I either feel like a man, or I feel like a woman; so as often as I wake up, I can switch between the two on you.. And it can happen every day. There is no gray-zone, like a couple of my friends that are genderfluid. The question is, what do you call me then, since I'm virtually a living yo-yo? How 'bout by name? Though if you're ever referring to me, for whatever reason, to someone else? I'll settle for "they/them." It'd be silly to make you ask everyday "Hey, whaddaya feel like today?" Lol, seriously... But if you wannoo!

(No. My avi is not a good way of knowing what I am.)


I'm a Literate RPer.
I swear to whatever gods and goddesses may be up there, if I see anyone one-lining or skimping on juicy details in writing their story, I will find a way to squash them like a bug. If you can't tell a story, don't try to. It's a tease -- and kind of an insult, to those of us who enjoy putting forth the effort.

I speak my mind a lot, so if you want to hear what I have to say?
Brace yourself.
You should probably brace yourself anyway, because I spout my mouth without permission too.

I'm not always mean. XD
I promise, lol.

I've been doing tattoos off and on for about three years, now --
(pictures and proof to be uploaded in the future)
-- And doing a pretty darn good job of it. I plan on posting up a thread for Avatar Art requests, where you can also request commissions for tattoos/OCs, and anything else that I decide to toss into the mix of what I wanna do for you.
It isn't set up just, yet.
I'm hoping it'll be in the next month, or so.

Any questions or comments? Feel free to comment or message me.
I like random hellos and new friends. emotion_bigheart

My Dreams are These • • •

Currently N/A

Store for tattoo and avi-art commissions currently U/C

More information later! :]


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E n i g m a ' s Imaginary World

Mostly RP layouts. But I'll put something else in it, from time to time.


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E1fy Report | 12/19/2015 7:16 pm
♪ You better watch out!
You better not cry, you better not pout ♪♪

LOL RIGHT. You and me both emotion_zombie Weirdos and pickle juice.
But no it's actually not weird, just shows you like the song. :'D Glad we have a similar taste.
I listen to a lot of songs that person puts up and remixes.

♪♪ I'm telling you why,
Santa Claus is coming to town! ♪
User Image

          Art by Dante the MGG
          E1fy Report | 12/18/2015 5:34 pm
          ♪ You better watch out!
          You better not cry, you better not pout ♪♪

          Thank you so much! I absolutely freaking love your avatar as well.
          XYLØ - Afterlife (The Jane Doze Remix) you can just click my music box I have and it will open it up in youtube.

          ♪♪ I'm telling you why,
          Santa Claus is coming to town! ♪
          User Image

                  Art by Dante the MGG
                  AliasBurn Report | 12/16/2015 11:45 am
                  daww Thanks friend. heart heart

                  The snowy stuff in my avatar is from the item, Winter Defender

                  Digging your avi toooooooo!!!

                  Sakura Miinlojhs Report | 12/05/2015 5:43 pm
                  Sakura Miinlojhs
                  Ooh I have that game and enjoy the series myself as well, lately though I've been busy in FFXIV, getting into all kinds of mischief in the server I play on and so many antics and different kinds of entertainment to take part in
                  Sakura Miinlojhs Report | 11/28/2015 9:38 pm
                  Sakura Miinlojhs
                  These days I'm mostly gaming a lot, been caught up in things on that but otherwise dropping in here every so often to ensure that people know I haven't gone poofle cat_sweatdrop
                  Sakura Miinlojhs Report | 11/24/2015 10:45 pm
                  Sakura Miinlojhs
                  Welcome back to Gaia cat_3nodding
                  AliasBurn Report | 04/27/2015 3:22 pm
                  Get better!!!

                  I been sick for the past week and a day now! I'm still randomly coughing and sniffling. sad
                  Bursting Rosies Report | 04/10/2015 7:44 pm
                  Bursting Rosies
                  Thank you!
                  I've always loved the items.
                  So making avatars was usually the best part of gaia for me.
                  And now, that the apocalypse has apparently killed off all the friends I had here,
                  I just live for the occasional RP and making avatars. So yes, I do get the ADD.
                  Bursting Rosies Report | 04/10/2015 5:46 pm
                  Bursting Rosies
                  Oh my, where to begin?
                  Your bio is extremely informative and fascinating at that.
                  And I wanted to say that I love your avatars. Yours is like the only one on my friend list that constantly changes.
                  My cones and rods thank you.

                  himelia Report | 01/21/2015 12:58 pm

                        yeah, I haven't really collaborated ideas and minds with someone when it comes to writing.
                        so I only or most of the time go off of my own plots or others. Like, its never a joint idea. uvu
                        yay! thank you~ I'm going to take a look.
                        at first, I thought the new pm was the gaia welcoming fairy thats been spamming people. >

                        thank you, I'm feeling a little better, my eyes feel swollen tho u___u;;
                        i've never been in snow actually, I've been told that I wouldn't like it.
                        yes~ it is warmer here. a bit chilly and windy but clear blue skies.

                        naah, I'm not leaving gaia even though many others are uAu
                        I can't let anyone else be the random commenting celestial techno dragon and not be as awesome as I.
                        plus this is the only roleplaying community I'm actually active in.
                        and the main site for where I actually chat w people :>


                  24 | Bi-gender | Bipolar(?) | Androgynous
                  Luv me~

                  My Search Thread~!
                  Quote me in RPs, or I won't see you.


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