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Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/15


Black Fire Queen on 11/21/2015



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    Updated. Kinda. Yeah.

    I am a literate but not literate-literate person so please don't talk to me with complex words in long, complex sentences. ; ^;


    Q: Name?
    A: I'll give you one bil if you can guess my name.

    Q: Age?
    A: I am immortal.

    Q: Where are you from?
    A: Cali.

    Q: How would you and/or others describe you?
    A: "Scumbag." - Byunghuns 6/14/2013

    Q: Can you donate/gift me?
    A: Don't beg or ask. I don't wanna read your sob stories either. Actually, I would but I won't do anything about it. I only gift and donate to those I think deserve it and like many if not most other people, I'm not rich.

    Q: Outside contact info?
    A: Lol. No. I will cut you, especially if you ask if I have a Kik.

    Q: Add me? Please?
    A: Random friend requests will be rejected. Talk to me first! Seriously, just talk to me! Comment, PM, quote, whatever. If we've chatted before, tell me cause I chat a lot with many different people so like yeah.

    I'm nice. I swear. ; w ;

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