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Heyo my name's Yannick
The first thing I always ask people is what their passion is, there's always something magical about hearing what a person decides their life is worth living for. One of my great friends washed cars for his living, he adored it. he did it for 6 years and disregarded what everyone said. Marc-andre now owns the biggest and most profitable car wash in my town and does it with a real smile. Please, do your passion. On that note, if you wanna talk, then PM me about what YOU love! I'd love to learn things that only you can explain in your own voice!

my thing is nutrition and I'm studying to become an RD to help people with obesity and eating disorders, seriously, I defeated stage two obesity and even threw in a couple of years of weightlifting and being obese is like doing your regular day that you do everyday but with 50 pounds more on your back. we werent meant to live like this.

Another equally important passion that was given to me is pastoral works. I studied at WIBI,TO in christianity and theology. so when I read the bible and find a passage interesting, I elaborate on it with guidance. then I tell what I learned to the church, this is what a pastor does, not to be confused with a priest, derp.

so my goal is to put nutrition and spirituality together to help people with their bodies as well as their minds and soul. woo amright


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