Recurring dream

Last night I had the dream again.
For some reason, only now do I remember the details.

I was there again, in that place of pain and anger. Of broken promises and webs of lies.
The reason for my grief was in my dream too. Oh her I know all too well.

The hungry specter. The woman that lives fast and loves hard. Yes, she was there. Draining me of my very essence.

My throat was parched and dry, yet a defiant yell escaped from my lips.

Abruptly, The scene in my mind changed. The specter of the woman vanished. Taking along with her that gnawing, insatiable hunger.

Then you appeared. You smiled so warmly at me. Everything I thought I felt just melted away. All that there was, was your glowing face. And that heavenly, loving smile.

You reached out your hand to me as if saying, "It's okay."

I took your hand in mine and for a moment that was the only thing that mattered.

This wasn't what you think it was. It was not a burning passion. It was not a desire to make you my own.

It was you showing me a gentle kindness. It was you opening your heart and saying, I understand. It was you saying you saw all of it and still would dare to reach out.

If you are still reading this, Yes I really had this dream. I have not met the girl that appeared in my dreams, she who reached out to me. But I hope I do someday.

They like seeing you dragged in the gutter

cause that's where they live
and they are so angry and unhappy
they want you there too
but not today. not tomorrow. not ever.
don't let them drag you under too.
they choose to drown there.
and us? we choose to fly.
yup. that's us. above the clouds.
and we will go as high as we can
til our wings give out.
and then we will fly again.
because we wont ever give in.
to them or their hate and resentment.
and it might sound crazy
but from time to time we will swoop down
and save one from the gutter
the ones that reach out for us
cause we are reaching for them everyday


You are too innocent
for this place
why do you stay
you should just get away
i'll drive us somewhere chill
some place we can be ourselves
we can talk about whatever
or just listen to the melody of the wind
as it blows through the fields
we can watch the clouds go by
telling each other what we spy
laugh and make jokes
all that good down to earth stuff, folks
heh, that would be a good time
better then this at least
where we play at pretending
where the lies are unending
that's just me being jaded though
it's not like everyone is a troll
but I still want to take us away
even if it were just for one day


I'll take your memories
to remember what hurt you on those days
perhaps a thousand different ways
what of it put you on this path
what of it that gave you such wrath
yes those times were bad
no one blames you for being mad
but I'm saying you can be happy
even if it sounds corny or sappy
I know you are trying your best
and no I'm not making light or jest
I honestly want to know your past
even if you were outcast
for I too am much like you
even if you don't think it's true
because I want to make a real connection
and show you that there is real affection
it isn't all bad people out there
and some of us really do care
so please just open up a little
and let us meet in the middle
we can dream of dreams yet unthought
and forget what pain we have wrought

Too dirty

My life was filled with dirt
It lingered beneath my nails
I screamed at the top of my lungs
No sound escaped from my throat
As I choked on the clouds of dust
I thought I could see
Light shining through
My eyes crusted over
I reached for your light
But I was stung
By the light of the sun
Hardened mud on my skin
I shrunk from your beacon
Back into the muck
I clawed my way through
Choked on earthen soil
Gasping for air
I inhaled it deep
A soothing breath
Yet the dirt clung to me
Yet it covered my skin
Long I awaited your rain
To wash me clean
And still I hold
For when I can be awash
With your cleansing waters

beef ramen

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"Your hate poisons only yourself."


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