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I joined Gaia in early of 2006.
When I joined, originally it was simply to play the fishing flash game they have, back then Gaia wasn't much more then that to me, a place to come and relax and fish a little. It was my little get away from World of Warcraft. Honestly there was not a whole lot of stuff to do on Gaia then besides fish or post.

After a few weeks of fishing by my lonesome or with random friendly strangers in the chatroom style fishing game, I met a cool guy who had an awesome looking avatar. He explained a few things about Gaia and introduced me to the forums. Specifically the Chatterbox.

Keep in mind, back then Gaia was a hugely different place. The chatterbox was not full of what it is now, and I think you know what I mean.

I usually kept to myself in the CB back then, and just bumped for gold. Gold was not an easy thing to come by back then, at all. So I worked my butt off fishing and bumping away, believe it or not this was relaxing to me.

Then after a week or two, I began to browse some of the other threads that kept coming up in the Chatterbox. It almost became overflowed with what could now be termed as light roleplay threads because most people then just used a kind of short, and to the point style of rp posting, not the long winded hardcore style. I came to fall in love with most of these threads, not because of the format or content, but because of the people.

The people in these threads and on gaia in general were so warm and inviting to a new user such as myself back then. They were encouraging, helpful, friendly and above all polite and would talk to anyone about anything and were so cheerful about it all. Good times...honestly, good times.

Thats all for now. Whew...did you read it all? Haha. Congratulations if you did. emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif