Fire in the sky

Lightning flashes
Your car crashes

Look up and see
Angels and demons flee

Your gaze is fixed
Is my mind playing tricks

As you get high
Fire is in the sky

Blazing eyes
Moans and cries

Devil flies
God sighs

Things change around
Still the unsettling sound

Screaming gasp for air
Scratch and claw at dark hair

How can this be fair
You have given your share

But the beast waits
Exactly what he hates

We can not hide
Even with all our pride

Ear to the ground
Keep your head down

As they pass
Avoid the clash

Quickly down that way
Where dead bodies lay

Close your eyes
Tell yourself lies

Strength fadeing
Legs acheing

Crying in silence
Is this the ending

Your mind bending
Social media trending

Our lives we are lending
Just to see

The Fire in the Sky