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You are too innocent
for this place
why do you stay
you should just get away
i'll drive us somewhere chill
some place we can be ourselves
we can talk about whatever
or just listen to the melody of the wind
as it blows through the fields
we can watch the clouds go by
telling each other what we spy
laugh and make jokes
all that good down to earth stuff, folks
heh, that would be a good time
better then this at least
where we play at pretending
where the lies are unending
that's just me being jaded though
it's not like everyone is a troll
but I still want to take us away
even if it were just for one day

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Gone baby gone

The time is 9:20 pm. The date is Thursday, Sepember 14, 2017.
After 11 years this is my final good bye to gaia and to everyone on it.
Time to live my life.
This is your local pudding poster, signing off for the final time.