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onehundredgrand Report | 12/21/2016 9:09 am
nah just saw you say so forever ago
weird things stick sometimes
onehundredgrand Report | 12/20/2016 9:56 pm
i speak 4 languages
3 arent english and dont use eng characteristics
but half the people i speak yo use english letters to get what theyre saying across surprised
i guessnit helps if youre fluent
im not really sure how fluent you are or if you spoke soft or hard pashto
just wanted to see where that sangrr woild lead tbh
onehundredgrand Report | 12/20/2016 9:46 pm
i saw you say somewhere you spoke pashto
i was just sayin hi
onehundredgrand Report | 12/20/2016 9:43 pm
LadyFreyakins Report | 08/15/2016 11:40 am
This is true....
And It's hard to figure out the layout of my profile with my laptop, it was all evened out and perfect and now it's all messed up..or it seems that way stressed
LadyFreyakins Report | 08/15/2016 11:36 am
I should add music on mine but my profile is already s**t so can wait xd
LadyFreyakins Report | 08/15/2016 11:30 am
Just gonna chill here on your profile and listen to the music emotion_awesome
Deflowered by a Lollipop Report | 08/14/2016 6:18 pm
Deflowered by a Lollipop
i did 4laugh it was nice of you
Deflowered by a Lollipop Report | 08/14/2016 6:10 pm
Deflowered by a Lollipop
awe thank you 4laugh
Miss Ruckus Report | 07/05/2016 4:17 pm
Miss Ruckus
I'm so bad at being a host tho
I get all scatter brained and ack



"The man who built it doesnt want it, the man who bought doesnt need it, and the man who needs it doesnt know it. What is it?"

I'm not proud of the things I have done.