" Forget me when I die, cherish me while I live, and think not of what the future holds for us in this dismal world~"

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Name: Mia
Age: 26
Sexuality: Lesbian

Likes: Video Games, Furries, Scary Movies, Cuddle time, Drawing,Cartoons, Anime, Pr0n, and Reading.

Dislikes: Body Hair (other than on the head), Bad smells, Sweet tasting Meats, and Idiots.

Yes, I am a girl...

You may call me LaRkEn, Mia, or whatever nickname you find that suits me best...
This is my ALT character on this site. I have been on Gaia since 2005 on both accounts and for some odd reason, I still find myself drawn to this place.
Still, I'll try and make this as simple as possible.

I use this account as my Pokemon Release (mostly but not just limited to)--- currently I am questing a Custom Battle Sprite for the forums as well as a few other things such as Pokemon Roleplays, Guilds, Group and etc.

I am not really sure what to do on this site anymore. So might use this accoutn for zOMG since that seems to be a thing they brought back. Who knows? I might just try chatting it up in the forums again as well?

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1. Heart-Gold // Mia // (UKNOWN)
2. Soul-Silver // Eli // (UKNOWN)
3. Platinum // Mia // (UKNOWN)
4. White Version // Mia // 4900-6834-6655
5. White 2 // Rakrha // 3826-9416-0957
6. Y-Version // Larken // 3840-6889-4463
7. Omega Ruby // Alura // ???
8. Alpha Sapphire // Ollie // ???
9. Moon Version // Larken // ???
10. Sun Version // ??? // ???

Safari Type: ELECTRIC


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From Dusk 'till Dawn

Only a fool of the night would let himself fall to the hands of darkness so easily.


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Duke Von Shnozz

Report | 05/20/2013 7:22 am

Duke Von Shnozz

Oh, wait, my bad. It's "Pancham" with an 'a'. I don't even care. I love it. emotion_awesome
On the other end, Elikiteru's English name is "Helioptile" which really doesn't roll off the tongue very well. However, it's based on the word "Helios," which means "sun." Maybe he actually evolves into a Light type Pokemon. Hohoho~

Report | 05/19/2013 10:35 pm


No clue. Just thinking of doing one that way people will shut up about my pictures xD
Duke Von Shnozz

Report | 05/19/2013 6:19 pm

Duke Von Shnozz

Oh, yes, the panda. Have you seen his English name? It's "Panchum!" PANCHUM! GOTTA PANCHUM ALL!
Duke Von Shnozz

Report | 05/15/2013 3:40 pm

Duke Von Shnozz

So, what do you think of the four newest Pokemon? Personally, I'm 100% Elikiteru. I have a feeling he's going to evolve into a dragon type.
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massive dog turds

Report | 03/10/2013 6:01 pm

massive dog turds

awwwwwwwwwwwww that's so nice of u 2 say
 sweet cyanide pills

Report | 03/10/2013 5:52 pm

sweet cyanide pills

thank youuuuuu

Report | 07/24/2012 4:29 pm


If I could find another long lasting role play, I'd be set!

Report | 07/09/2012 9:20 pm


It is really hard to tell, almost as hard as finding an active role play is. xD

Report | 06/29/2012 8:33 am


There seems to be less and less appealing, content-based role plays nowadays. I've only done a handful of 1X1 role plays, and they always end up dying out.

Report | 06/25/2012 8:06 pm


The role plays have been slow for me recently, except a long term one I've been involved with. >.<


~FC~ 3840-6889-4463
~Safari~ Electric (Emolga, Helioptile, ???)
Add me? Then PM me your FC so I can add you?

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