I am Landusk.... It be the Last Name you Know before you die."

Bio: Landusk is living parasite of Blood, it a mass of black ooze that can take over a host, so far the body that able hold it... is vampires so He been clone a version of his body as vampire to keep him self alive since human body's rot within 4 weeks.


Job: emperor,adventure,Spy and scout

His job not only rule Bowzurg City that within realm x, He some time have to prove him self by gonging to the worlds that is open in realm x Find the heroes have a battle of honor and find the villain and have battle for justice before start conquest harvest of the world.

How he See Worlds heroes: To the Empire it is of great honor slay of one will bring great honor to the Empire and prove there Strength with in the empire.


How he see Worlds Villains; Honor-less vermin not to be pity on, and must face the empire Justice.


What he was: a human....A Town Lord... He recall these thing since there his only memory's of... once his past... He once recall Try to save a Town Name Darkfalls, he one face a civil war with in the town and soon doom fate when the humans and vampires try to destroy the town, Sadly he lost with only he him self escape into the void of Dark, with time... and Burning hate... he reforge the space in the from a small base...to a city.


What he is: he Rude, arrogant, surely,psychotic,Pervert, insane,greedy and dim He mostly Go in job thinking every one will bow down to his feet as every one would in Realm X, He know to miss treat other (like Fire Lilly for starters) He thinks: "I can do what ever the hell he wants and I don't have to suffer consequences any so what so ever." he very egoistic try to think of cool lines or poses or what ever history will think of him.


He speak in a odd way since people have hard time understanding him and does not know why. (that mean I have poor bit of grammar and have to spell check so give me break QnQ )


Powers: Make weapons form blood, (scythe and bullets mostly)But does stick few weapons since they say his... "Loot"
able to change form his human form to a Monster know as "Emperor wrath" humanoid shape that draw fire and deadly to the touch.

But change back and forth cost him weakling him form coughing his blood out, vomiting his blood,and feeling ill to pass out.
Parasite infection: Able to infected Humans to obay his will or take over there body for personal control, He Like to do bit of "Hands On" with most of the Jobs.

Shadow shift: it a short range teleporter spell he pick form Villain once come in handy when Need to put a dagger in some one back if the shadow on the right spot of the target.

Bats: He able to pick up a skill to turn The Darkblood in to Bats,form Moving around to find cover or surprise attack to get in high places but leave him Open for Light,Holy or Sun light attacks.
Summon small minions know As Bloodings small versions of his monster self, there most task is building and harvesting for food and any thing use for there master, they not skill in combat but will so if He commands them to fight.

The Bowzurg empire.

It a Empire witch he rule, when he out he let the "council of Blood" rule in his place, it make of 4 Know members

Bloodlord of Anger: he take the aspect of Landusk anger to power the army of the empire to Fuel there endless rage.

Bloodlord of Hate: he take hatred of Landusk to guide the empire to there enemies

Bloodlord of Doubt: He Landusk Doubts, for see any Plans of Landusk see there a flaw in a plan and See back lash of worlds to keep the empire of harm.

Bloodlord of Fear: The fear of Landusk, the Darkest and fear member of the Council of blood" Both enemies and the empire fear this aspect, as the enemies empire flee in terror,the workers and army fill with dread of failing the empire and insure they never fail out of fear.

The True goal of the empire is to retake there Lost home world and rule the world have not been harvest with a Iron fist and insure the survival of the Darkblood Race.

Darkblood: is a parasitic race of monsters take on fearful forms they have low intelligence when a bloodcomander or Landusk to guide them they rely survival and hide form the sun when in a world, They table to take over a human or beast etc, if they are able to form mouth,noise etc,

the lowest of the chain is a blooding but the highest of the chain and the most intelligence is a Bloodlord

Mastery of blood: Some of Landusk and his follower found out few trick of blood magic, case pain and death, to summon a Darkblood to fight for them, or even become a bloodlord them self.

But Landusk found out more... become a tyrant....


The people he meet (will update or rid of as time go on and etc Like I forget some one and stuff =w=;; )


Landusk nicknames:"Lilly"

world: Gaia.

A girl with no past. The first allies he ever made but a short live one. He saved Lily life, and Lily offered to serve him. He would constantly torment her afterwards. But during a mission he harmed on of Lily's friends, this cases Lily to cancel the life debt. So far, they much of bitter rivals one try to stop the other of there goals.

So far He wonder how she able to beat him at every of there fights...

Black★Rock Shooter:

Landusk nickname "Rock"


Black★Rock Shooter ~Innocent Soul~ (he thinks) so far Landusk found Fable Black rock shooter... He does not know what to say, She barely speaks, bit slow and look bit dim... But she make up with her power and Strength, he never encounter any one like that... that when his aspcet turn on him, Made him weak then....She show him what no one would and never will... until now... Mercy.

Now he try to fallow and with Rock to learn more form her since now.... he trust her and... wish to help but... All roads where Landusk go... Lead to Hell.

Intention of the Abyss or Will of the Abyss

Landusk Nickname: Abyss

World: Pandora hearts

This is far the most strongest and dreadful encounter he have with this girl... it like try to have punch out with god, so Far He hang with her when she let him and mostly Fight, talk and do what ever since He can never find way to hurt.


No Nicknames

Odd but very interesting encounter with Mary She may not look like it but she the prefect idea of Landusk idea symbolism, The Symbol of betrayal yeti she too sweet and kind very sad of her self that she doses not give in to Landusk but does like her just to mess with her. and have fun

Oddly there a Knight lady that does get in away but don't mind her.

Fluffassur Ichimaru:

Landusk Nickname: Fluff

World gaia

A odd White fur Neko girl he encounter she seem to know him more yeit can't recall still she like him so in returns he torment her throw yarn bombs at her and so on... but still come back to her so some time be nice and give her a break when needed then get back to the silliness of Landusk.


No Nickname

World: Gaia

Landusk Lover and off story and off cannon worlds and such

--------------- (remind me to fix later)


Landusk Nickname: Thirteen

world: Home made in Realm X of Bowzurg city

Landusk bodyguard and personal assassin'

malfunction Geth Like robot, Landusk try to build a Geth robot but fail, down loaded the wrong A.I. into it Cpu And now act out of Madness and could be more insane then Landusk

More to Come.

Story so far:

Rez Got out and Landusk was to blame could not stop him but able to Jump in a near by world, now he enlist Mami tomoe to stop Rez but there Much more going on here...

Taken on a Full time Job on E-CORP in insure we stop fluffs, make sure Diedrich win and insure the Easter bunny wins, Starting on the job and hopeful what ever happen in suffer be good.


Side Jobs: he be Happy to take until some thing happens.(Just need some one to rp And I have some fun ^_^ )

Look Out you Just argo Landusk!!!
(would like Know how to get youtube working damn codding....)


"My Madness will be my greatest work!!"


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Tales of Landusk


well this is just for fun i made this thing for the fun of this place i look for a cat like girl that made the soinc Gaia i a big fan of it i hope some day i meet her but now i just trying to live as a ghost :P


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