22 year old plant
Lives in a Kingdom far far away (only functions in GMT).
Wanders the lands of Art Freebies, Event Forums & zOMG!
Would like to get her hands on lots of art <3.
Will eventually get around to jazzing up her profile orz
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hihi c:

Nia xD on 07/14/2014


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Tadashiini Report | 05/26/2014 2:57 pm
Thanks for buying. Please enjoy emotion_yatta
Alybat Report | 05/16/2014 4:42 pm
EEEEEP. Your avatar is so rad.
RubySacrifice Report | 05/15/2014 9:17 pm
Thank you!
Kyasuri Report | 05/15/2014 9:58 am
Of course heart

And thank you! (Gotta love Electro Swing heart that stuff gets ya dancing xd )
- MadameMurasaki - Report | 05/15/2014 7:31 am
cool avi c:
Kyasuri Report | 05/14/2014 3:18 pm
Very awesome av heart
Torashii Report | 05/14/2014 10:21 am
Haha, will do~! xD
Although mines won't look as good as yours. ;w; </3
Yeah, I have that issue all the time. *initiates grabby hands everywhere* sweatdrop
Talim-Hime Report | 05/14/2014 1:41 am
Oh my goodness, thanks! So happy to be finding other fans of the series. SO GUD
RubySacrifice Report | 05/14/2014 1:06 am
congratz on being featured!
iiMyungSoo Report | 05/13/2014 10:35 pm
hello to you too dear exotic~!

by the way, nice choice in items.