Ɲame: Lael Dolzhikov.
Ⱥge: Appears late 20's
Ðate of Birth: Fall, specific date unknown.
Ῥlace of Birth: A vivid memory of a place he cannot recall. ✣Click✣
Яace: Poltergeist Demon. (A demon that causes mischief and chaos)
Gender: ♂
Ɇthnicity: European mutt with Jewish and Russian roots.
Ϻarital Status: Unattainable.
ֆexuality: Bisexual
ֆkin color: Pale caucasian
Ҥair Color: Long, pale Blonde with slight waves.
Ɇye Color: Sea green, with gold flecks.
Ҥeight: 6'0" ft
Weight: 196 lbs.
Ҥorns: Long, Black.
Ʈail: Long, the depth around a bottle-cap thickness, becoming thinner towards the base.
An arrow-spade head at the end. 3 and 1/2 ft long.
Ῥersonality: Charming. Sarcastic. Endearing.

Background: TBA