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Lady Victoria Thorne

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Registered: 08/26/2007

Gender: Female

Location: Underworld/Hell/Earth

Occupation: Queen of Pleasures


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Name: Victoria Thorne
Age: 17 in human years
Race: Vampire
Relationship status: It's complicated in our time
Occupation: Hunter

Greetings I'm lady Victoria, yes I'm a vampire but not the kind you would typically think of.
Back in the 1800s is was I was brutal attacked a gang of Rogue vampires hired by my b*****d father, after they killed my mother and brother. I was on the brink of death with a dark figure appeared to me and asked if I wanted to live and with my last breath I said yes, a few hours later I found myself in a old run down house a live but different. Now that I've hunted and they got what was coming to them I'm on the hunt for my so called father to return the favor to him as well!

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Dura is my master(vampire who turned me) and my unrequited love

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