hi! i'm lady vesuvius, or just vesu if you're lazy, haha. i'm 17, i live in texas,
and i play the piccolo in my first band! i love making rps, though i'm not ex-
actly the best at it, haha. the same with actual rping. i want to go into anim-
ation when i go to college, and hope to one day work for disney, or disney
world really! anyway, i enjoy kpop, kdramas, the occasional manga, and i
am a diehard shipper of many things, mainly the ship of john/sherlock from
bbc's sherlock. my close second would have to be draco/hermione from the
harry potter series, and afterwards i just have a whole bunch! send a pm my
way if you ever want to 1x1 with any of them, haha! thanks for reading <3 !!!