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I guess the best way to really know me is to. just, you know, talk to me. If the surface doesn't scare you, the negative side may. If not, then you can keep going to my dark soul, hidden deep inside. Hurt me though, and I will destroy you. Pain is what I don't need anymore. I've had plentiful amounts for multiple lifetimes; take pain, take bullshit, take drama and screw off.

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Mad Mr Hatter Report | 04/14/2014 7:57 am
One and done? Never, the Hatter was looking forward to seeing her again, but he was a gentleman, he was in no position to pressure her to stay, or should he have asked? Perhaps it was never a ladies job to do so? Courtship rituals, eh, it was never any good at such tidings, and maybe if he had known... if he had recalled about the dangers that were sure to await her when the sun would have risen, he might have said something then? But the Hatter was not all there, half a man, or maybe more... perhaps even less, his mind was a vacant hole, occupied by two infinitely different beings, fighting for the reins. Having run some errands throughout the day, he would have returned later, just after the sun began to set, dressed in his former wear. Noting the somewhat forced entry, he smiled, once he dimissed it was anything but his lovely guest... so she was here already? He'd have to get her a spare key. Entering inside, the scent of something delicious hit the air, and he'd shrug his coat off, leaving it at the door on the rack, "--Lucy, I'm home..." he cooed, in his best 'Ricky Ricardo' impression he could muster, mocking one of his favorited old time television shows. Cycling around, he would have finally found her, Chesh leaving the offered food briefly to greet the Hatter, before returning... seeming to adore this new member of the household, enjoying the fact that she had given her treats, "--I'm sorry I've been... away, I had to take care of some things," he added in finality... he'd need a shower before they went anywhere, that was for sure...these errands of a business nature, even now the rumpled invitation to the monthly gallery meeting was folded away in his pocket, perhaps he could bring her along? She had said she wanted to meet the other loons in the city right?
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 04/09/2014 9:10 am
Filled with secrets, that's what he was, and what he had always been from the very start. None had known, what unscrupulous deeds he had done in the hours after nightfall in his youth, and now being of that dark world, he was even more a Mystery, an enigma. Part of him was exposed for all to see, at least those who chose to see him, to believe that he existed beyond any usual means, but the other part of him, was hidden, the answers to his birth, his destruction, what made him tick, what gave him purpose, even his past life was nearly a forgotten memory, something he had stopped hanging on to ages before, lost amidst the sands of time. Wetting his lips, he settled back against his chair, legs crossed at the ankle, more out of strange habit then anything else, while the lovely woman beside him piped up in expression, "I best get some rest.. Too many days awake, and it does things after a time.. I do hope you'll excuse me.." the sudden thought was random, but he didn't mind, nearly forgetting the time, losing himself with her... such a queer thought, he too probably needed rest, unless he preferred to fall deeper down into the rabbit hole. Even before he could begin cleaning, she would tidy the place up, only adding to the Hatter's amusement, helping her finish whatever was left, it would not have been long before she surrendered her final farewell for the time, and then departed, leaving him alone in the attraction, "--Until next time mon amour," he cooed, wiggling his slender digits into a wave, before deciding to crash at the park for the evening... 'Until next time' he could hardly wait...

[[I'm sure you will get over the block, just give it some time :} ]]
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 04/07/2014 11:54 am
Quite the opposite, Jervis LOVED to talk just as much as the Hatter did, consider it something of the past, years ago no one listened, 'Poor Jervis, might as well have been invisible!' he wailed silently, appearance glum for but a moment before he perked up, but with his new invention, people HAD to listen whether they wanted too or not, because they didn't have a choice. The thought was priceless and made him smile something wicked, a promise perhaps, never to be weak and docile, at least he could have the Hatter to thank for giving him that. "Yes, I am- and I will be. I understand you don't like it, but... It does seem to help. And it falls into Vendetta's Rules To Minimize Karma: Only take those who deserve it, and/or who won't be missed." reaching out and touching her hand with his own gloved one, he smiled, eyes glimmering softly from beneath the brim of his top hat, "--Now, now, you can be perfectly frank with me, and I'll be Tony..." a small silly joke, and he'd chuckle, "--Seriously though, I am here for case you ever need to talk," he promised, reaching out for another cookie...

[[Oh you're pretty too dear, totally jealous of the hair, it turned out great :} PS sorry for the delay, I have been a busy little bee]]
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 04/02/2014 8:01 am
A break in the concern would have resulted in humor, a laugh when Vendetta spoke, "--Is that something a therapist told you? Perhaps in a vain effort... To keep themselves alive?" "--It might have been, but it is something I do happen to agree with..." he explained, finishing off the cookie he had been nibbling on to enjoy a sip of Tea, "--It certainly doesn't hurt to get it all out in the open, keep things for too long inside and you end up with a 'Dark Passenger' like mine," not that he had any personal qualms about the monkey on his back. Before long, his prying would have paid off, and she would respond, explaining herself, while he casually dusted a bit of crumbs off his lap, "--I met your... counterpart, for lack of a better word. We had gotten to know each other better... Then took a turn out and about without Chesh..." it all seemed rightly normal, even downright strange for the Hatter... and then it came, just as he suspected, "--Happening upon a humanoid male, rather enmeshed in spirits, we decided it was prime to bring back. A dip into its memory told me it had venereal diseases, and a penchant to treat a woman rather like an object." nodding his head gently, taking it all into consideration like it was a business proposal he was indifferent too, he continued listening "--Bringing it back to the Funhouse, we had a nice time. Cut out its tongue, tore off its nails... Nearly drowned it quite a few times-" in the early years he might have been sick over the whole explanation, but he had grown quite desensitzed to such mayhem, and bloodshed, but it didn't mean he had to enjoy it like the other. "--I had taken over after a time, given Hatter had gotten its blood all over himself. it spat its blood all over me- and I got angry. I had set it into a pattern of near-drowning and revival, before I took another dip into its memory. When I saw... what it had wanted to do you him- to you- I... put and end to it. In the most nightmarish way for it. I cannot- will not- tolerate anyone even thinking of hurting either of you. It simply won't do." Jervis finally smiled at this, reaching out to place his hand atop her own adoringly, "--My sentiments exactly, and I'd like to think they are 'his' sentiments as well towards you..." a pause and he'd continue, " they are, even with all your powers, your gifts, we wouldn't let anything happen to you either. And while I don't usually partake in such...brutalities, I am more then content it was done to such a savage human piece of trash. So...thank you for that..." glancing around, he nodded in quiet admiration, "--You did a hell of a job cleaning up, I didn't suspect a thing...much better then he usually does," and when this was done, he would flit his gaze back towards her, "--Then are you okay?"

[[Sure, I'd love to see what your hair looks like now :} here is my gross mug for you xD me bleh I still need to bleach it probably one more time, make it less yellow and more white ^^]]
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 04/01/2014 8:01 am
Hatter would have smirked inside, though the look wouldn't have appeared as much more than a misplaced glint in his left eye that seemed a little out of place, that eye... why did it appear bluer then the right, which appeared more grey... as if two people seemed to exist in one vessel, two souls? Perhaps...though the Hatter, nay Jervis was no worse for wear, and now his attentions were set solely on the Lady, the last hour or so had been a blackness as if all he had seen had been censored, he didn't mind, not particulartly wishing to know what the Hatter did on his free time, he did like this new world he had emerged into, and in some cases he thought it so much more Mad than Wonderland, on a whole lower... more in depth level. "Yes, some tea to steady the nerves, calm the emotions. Perhaps that is best, thank you." even while she spoke, he was already seated pouring out a cup of tea, only stopping to politely help her into her chair properly like the troubled gentleman he was, "--I'm not fine, I just... Had a horrible memory come to mind..." scooting the plate of cookies for strange sentimental purposes, almost but nearly forgetting she didn't dine on such things, he'd cover his mistake by snatching himself one, as if his blood sugar was suddenly low, "--I see, is it anything you'd like to talk about? I've learned sometimes speaking on what you feel, helps mend whatever pain nags the heart?" at least it helped when his therapist talked to him about things of that nature. Helping himself to more tea, he would slowly sip its edge, quietly waiting her words if she wanted to share them with him...

[[No juicy details, no vacation really, it was just one spent at the house with my loved one, but it was nice, really relaxing, but as they say sometimes the best vacations are the ones spent at the house, I did get my hair cut though more wildly then usual which made me content, its short like a pixie cut, shaved by the left ear, almost like a mohawk, but not quite.]]
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 03/31/2014 11:26 am
’It’s blood’ he found that part funny, referring to the man as if he was anything but, and certainly was simply that… it was quite fitting, considering he was an insult to the Hatters gender. Handing him the vial in passing he would nod, ”—Then I’m off to rinse with my girl…” he joked, snatching the blade from its perch, and moving towards the back room to wash up. Stripping down any non-essentials, he was content he had decided to remove his lovely coat, poured the liquid into the water and began to cleanse himself of any bacteria that might have found its way on him, washing both himself and anything that might have come in contact with the oafish man, humming all the while, he was continuously being tortured to death. And while he didn’t watch completely he’d peek around the corner on occasion, especially keeping watch when she released him from his bonds, he knew she wouldn’t need his help, after all she was a powerful vampire facing off against a drunken lout, there was no competition, but still it seemed like the chivalrous thing to do.

Before long he would have cleaned himself up, trashing his undershirt, and reaching for a new spotless one that had been cleverly tucked away in one of the hidden compartments for occasions such as these, yanking on his pants over his thin legs, pairing it finally with the vest and jacket combo… the Hat never once leaving his head for longer than the time it took to slip his head through the top of his tunic. "I didn't mean to take over. But when I took a dive into his memories, and saw what he wanted to do to me.. To you... I said I'd send him to Hell. And I did. The last thing he saw... will carry for eternities. But it was worth it. I'm sorry, I'll stay in the shadows next time. Here, I'll clean up." she uttered in an apologetic tone, the Hatter merely shaking his head with a smirk while he towel dried his dusky blonde hair, once again replacing his Hat, ”—are you kidding me? I was tickled when you decided to get involved in his demise, not many fancy a good torture session…” he adding with a small splay of humor, almost instantly when it was all done, and more so when the Hatter noticed the tears, the madman reverted, and once again Jervis was back, appearing as if he had little knowledge on what had occurred like a Jeckyl and Hyde experience, ”—Oh… Vendetta, are you alright? I do hope it wasn’t anything I said?” without evidence of blood or a body he would have never known… still he would near her, ”—Please have a seat, would you care for some tea?”

Mad Mr Hatter Report | 03/26/2014 8:26 am
The idea whispered to him, and only him alone was an alarming one, he couldn’t help but smirk, they were words and while he meant them, he was assured his ego wouldn’t be too pleased with serving in any sort of posturing position, no way he’d allow himself to be subservient even to a creature as magnificent as she. It was wise she keep that thought silent, certain the beast of the man, he was now nearly drowning in the bucket of water would get some sort of sick hard on over the thought of what they would share in the future. Lashing him upward, as he gasped for air, no sooner would he begin screaming once more, this time not by his own doing, the Hatter glancing back at the Lady, to his victim, and back at her, ”—Oh how very clever, I suppose its good you waited until I drew him back up, it would be a shame to allow him to drown so easily in the game… at least yet…” as he continued on and on, more grimness would have passed, making a mess of the world around him, of the man that settled before him, gasping for the release that so far had not yet come, "Aww, Hatty- now how am I supposed to get some bodily pleasure? You took away its tongue- the only good part about it. Shame." good? It took him a moment to discover she had been joking… but only a small, infinitely small moment. ‘Oh what would I do without you?’ he had asked, "Oh, blunder about, get diseases, get cut down in your prime an wander lonely for all eternities, I suspect." and he’d smile at this, snatching the Queen from her perch on the chair arm, cleaning the hilt to ward off any gore, before slipping it into the sheath behind his back. First a suggestion of Chinese Water torture, followed by her suggestion that she take over while he washed up, ”—Very true, very well…” turning his attentions towards the chubby man he gently clapped his hand against his cheek and smiled, ”—Now, play time for me is over… the Lady will be taking over, show her some respect, yes? Or I’ll cut your nose off…” another wicked smirk, and he’d head towards the sink, beginning to fill a basin with water, considering a shower (considering the locale was out of the question) remaining within sights and earshot of the events…
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 03/25/2014 11:03 am
[[Sorry for the giant post, there are two, it wouldn't let me fit it all]]

Part 1
It was clear that beyond the pain, the man was terrified, his eyes locked on both what the Hatter was doing, and to the icy stare the woman gave, there was something so terribly off and unnatural about her, about the both of them,that tiger didn't help either. Trying to keep from focusing on the pain, even after that Hatted ******** had removed every one of his fingernails, he was glaring at the woman, that b***h... ******** watching like it was a good show, like she was enjoying herself, and even while he glowered, her words...when she finally spoke, froze the blood in his veins, "You should be so lucky. If I had deigned to get my hands on you, it'd be much, much worse. For hell hath no fury, like a female vengeful. And if you don't stop glaring at me, you will find that what he does to you will be pure heaven.. compared to the Hell I'm going to send you to." turning from Vendetta, back to the man, the Hatter grinned from ear to ear, "--Isn't she a peach? Now THAT is a real woman, christ, I would worship the ground she walks on...anything for her. We have this thing... I've never been so lucky, and then she comes walking into my life...I've never felt more alive, she brings this out of me, and turns my chaos into art..." and while that sicko yammered on and on, he looked past the man, toward a paper... a black and white printed paper taped onto the wall, wrinkled as if it had seen too many pockets, but what mattered was the award for capture, a hotline number for Americas Most wanted, and that mans face, the printed words, Jervis James Tetch, aka The Mad Hatter, "--Hold still," he barked, suddenly straddling him, seated on his lap, while he reached for another instrument, pincers... and.. what was that... oh dear god... no, "--Please no," the man wailed, gory stubs where nails had once been wiggling to try and free the bonds around his wrists, "--Hush, hush, keep bickering and you'll make me snip something vital..." as far as the man was concerned ALL of it was vital. {cont}
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 03/25/2014 11:02 am
Part 2
Clipping the pincers along his left ear, a quick and simple swipe and he would suddenly feel red hot pain, doubled by the gush of warmth as blood gushed down the side of his neck, poisoning the air with iron, "--Hee..." wiggling his ear in front of him, [******** you, you ********' skinny f*****t ********... untie me, I'll beat your ********' face in, and then I'll wipe the look off that Bitches face..." "--That's quite enough out of you..." at first stuffing the mans sweaty sock into his mouth to keep him silent, "--Sting me with words p***k, but dare not drag my darling lady love through the mud...THAT..." he hissed, reaching for the White Queen and slammed her point down hard into the arm of the chair, narrowly missing his appendage, "--Will not be tolerated," it was after a moment however, he would have thought of another funny... removing that sock and taking those pincers, he suddenly snatched that wiggling writhing tongue, "--Like a maggot..." and then sliced through the meat, feeling blood spray up onto his chest and neck, launching the organ back behind him, it bounced in front of Chesh, and the Hatter couldn't help but smile, "--There now ol' boy, Cat's got your tongue," howling with laughter at his own sick joke, the madman swung his leg off his victim, and rose onto his feet, while that chubby ******** started to whimper and cry, snot slipping down from his nose into his gory red mouth, he'd hear the Lady speak, this time offering insightful advice, that sinister smile fitting his face, "--Oh, what would I do without you?" he cooed, moving in, lowering his head and kissing her deeply, careful to keep from getting any of the blood on her pretty face or gown, "--Then that's how we'll kill him when we're done... some slow Chinese water torture perhaps?" he suggested, grey eyes flitting towards the pudgy man... watching as his eyes lit up in horror, "--As for what you'd do? Oh ho, don't worry we won't allow that to happen... anyone dares to lay a finger on anything I love, will face my wrath... now... shall we move on..." this time moving towards a place beside the wall, a bucket large enough to stick a head in, and began to fill it with water... what a nightmare, the Hatter was content...

[[Hooray, I'm content you love it, by the way in case I forget Happy Birthday :} I'm not very good at remembering things, so I'll do so now. I hope you'll do something fun.]]
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 03/24/2014 8:03 am
Jervis didn't think twice on the jealousy, it was there, and then once again over and done with just as quickly as it had come. Still it seemed they shared the same sentiments towards such pathetic human scum, they did make quite the excellent pair, and she would have proved it, when she gave her response, like sweet silken honey "Glad to see we're on the same page, Hatter. I'm sure you can come up with some truly evil delights- just be careful, you don't want the disease and filth this thing has passing on to you- or myself, of course." "--Oh don't worry, I don't plan too..." 'allow that to happen' he would have said, knowing full well that for once Jervis and Hatter would be in perfect agreement on what to do with this...trash. Beyond his own bonds, Vendetta carried her own, suggesting the illusion they were both simply good people trying to help their 'friend'.

It didn't take long before they had arrived back at the funhouse, sliding the table off to one side, leaving a chair in the center and tying the man to it... unaware of how long the Lady could hold her shadowy bonds before it became taxing. "--Game time," he chimed, snagging the 10/6 circuit board card off the band of the man's Hat and with it suddenly appeared cognitive, and terribly confused, even beyond the fog of the booze he could see something was terribly wrong, but because of the bonds he could not hope to speak, not that anything he had to say was worth hearing, considering they all appeared to be four letter words of the vulgar variety. And if the unnaturally pale Lady and the strange Hatter weren't enough... the man would react in pure white hot terror at the sight of a full grown Tiger lying but a few feet away. Wetting his lips, Jervis moved to a small block in the corner of the room that appeared a simple alcove, pressing a small button a panel would unfold, and from it appeared a box of glittering tools, like surgical instruments. Before he began to decide on which to use first, he calmly removed his brown leather jacket, and rolled up the sleeves of his white cotton undershirt, as if worried he might get it dirty, "--I suppose you're wondering why you've been brought here? There's no need to speak, you need only listen..." he drolled, voice flat and monitone while he admired each tool, finally selecting on one with a flat tip that fattened out towards the peak before flattening back out to the grip. Turning on heel, he smiled, advancing toward the man who flailed helplessley against his bonds, "--You abuse women, get some kind of sick hard on for beating them... I and my Lady do not approve of this behavior, so we've decided... why not make you feel what all your victims have felt? Poetic Justice if you ask me." kneeling down beside the man, appearing as if he might propose to him... he smiled once more something calm, but terribly sinister... "--It's been awhile since I've tortured someone, so please... scream if I am doing this right..." and then shoved that flattened tip under the first fingernail pushing upwards and upwards, while the man fought to release a scream, "--No, nothing? How about this..." continuing further and further, until finally, the nail split open, dangling by a thread of skin... "--Oh dear, I've broken you..." sentiments? The man thought so until, "--Let's continue, nine more piggies left to go..." and then his eyes windened once more in pure terror, while the Hatter continued his assault on the poor mans fingers...
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