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Birthday: 03/27

Occupation: Retail By Day, Artisan By Night

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Those Who Have Come and Gone..

The Lady's Couture

Beautiful Thorn- Sopor Aeternus


A Glance Into The Darkness..

Good evening. Please, sit down, join me. Care for a cup of tea?

If you are reading this, you found my page. Welcome- I am Lady Vendetta Iceflame. I am heralded from lands far away, shadow lands of which nightmares and terrors are as common as brightness and colour are devoid.

Hmm. You wish to know my story, do you? Very well then. My life is unusual, as everyone's is. I began as a Vrylakai- part Vryloka (a vampyre) and part Shadar-Kai (twisted, degenerated mortals). Once upon a time, I had siblings. I don't anymore. Come to think of it, I don't have anyone. I didn't for a long time, at least.

Most of my life I shall deign to gloss over. You'll understand when I say they're.. personal, to say the least. I cultivated myself into an artisan and assassin, picking up all types of techniques and mediums. Needless to say, as with any vampyric life, I saw plentiful amounts of abuse, neglect, suffering, death, bloodshed and more. I overcame it, I threw myself into my artistry. Centuries walking the worlds created quite the fertile grounds for development.

I've developed a taste for all forms of the arts, obviously. Botany is a surprising interest and hobby of mine. I enjoy growing flowers, herbs, fruit, vegetables and things of that nature- especially tea. Japanese culture, with it's elegance and beauty, has heavily swayed my influence. Mixed in with hearty Italian influence, and an ability to pass as a hybrid, it has given rise to some wonderful cultural mixing. Artistry and culture aside, I'm a vampyre. A creature of the night, a shadowy, timeless form. I obviously kill- my methods are rather secret, even the so-called 'obvious' one. I'd say assassination is an art form in its own right, actually.

What kinds of talents do I possess? I'd be a fool to share them all. I will say my heal time is incredible. I've walked away from some unbelievable things with very little damage. I can also shape-shift into things. What kind of things? That's for me alone to know. I have mastery over the darkness, a gift from my Shadar-Kai nature. And there's the obvious appeal from my Vryloka half.

Where do I stand currently? I own a beautiful home, comprised of some.. surprising materials. It is set atop a natural wonder never found anywhere else: A mountain of Sakura, with its own lake and hot spring, plus a smaller lake with.. interesting features. I have my gardens, a temple, a small tea house, a moon-viewing pavilion, a torii gate, my own parlor, sixteen bedrooms to accommodate many guests, state-of-the-art kitchen, and more. Below is a small vampyric city. Mortals, daywalkers and travelers roam by day; by nightfall, vampyra, daemons and even the odd lycan throng the city. It is under the cover of dark, that the real influence and power is held. And I stand, the apex of this haven.

Except I'm not there currently. As it stands, I met a man named Jervis Tech, recently. Things have been.. interesting, to say the least. I'm staying with him in Gotham City. Though I am never far away..

That is all that can be said for the moment. I leave you to wonder at the details.

~ Lady Vendetta Iceflame

The Record Keeper..

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Satanicsanta1 Report | 10/24/2015 8:12 pm
How are you fairing this October Darling?
Sweet Vittoria Report | 09/18/2015 3:25 pm
Hi... Hatter is still your friend smile and so am I wink
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 07/02/2015 9:43 pm
It's been awhile, hope you're ok dear? Miss ya
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 05/24/2015 7:01 pm
How are you doing dearie? Hope you are ok?
Aunie Report | 03/17/2015 5:52 pm
Thank you so much for my Birthday Gifts,
You are so sweet emotion_bigheart
Satanicsanta1 Report | 03/06/2015 4:39 am
It's alright my Sweet.
Whenever you have time.
I just think you will like the anime thats all.
Satanicsanta1 Report | 02/27/2015 10:06 pm
I figured you knew. It is a popular Manga and an Anime.
You can watch it on Youtube and on Anime websites.
Here is a link to the first episode, I'm sure you'll like it.
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 02/27/2015 7:12 am
Sorry for the delay as usual, happy you liked your present :} I thought it might be something you could use/like I suppose as long as its frilly and black ^^ I know, I know, I'll try and be a little better, but if it makes you feel better you aren't the only one. Sorry to hear about your job you were applying for not working out, but if I've learned anything just keep trying, I didn't think I'd work at the deli I'm in now again and I did, on the hours I needed (morning) and on good pay. Hope I didn't miss your birthday, if I did I apologize, I'll need to get you something, after all Birthdays are very important, you only celebrate it once a year, like a Holiday ^^ maybe see if people can ban together and buy you the perfume you want, makeup is makeup, neither here or there probbaly something you can buy when you want too, but an expensive perfume you've been wanting, well thats something else. On the other hand, a light box would be amazing I hate using the windows too, and I have so much old art I did with such potential that just needs to be recolored now that I'm not stupid in art lol. I hope you feel better, with any problems you have, living with depression is rough, my love has it, its tough. Not trying to rhyme there xD I myself have been okay, busy with work as usual, any time I have off seems to be spent cleaning and playing my X Box... I got Dragon Age Inquistion and I can't stop it D: too much fun, and lately roleplaying uses too much of my brain to properly function... lol besides that house painting, and possible pre adoption training classes too start eventually...
Satanicsanta1 Report | 02/27/2015 1:55 am
Would you be interested in Role Playing in a Death Note Role Play with me Mi Lady?
My friend just made an Official Death Note RPT in the forums and I am Role Playing as Kira.
Our friend Aunie already chose to be Misa but there are many other characters positions.

Mad Mr Hatter Report | 02/03/2015 7:55 am
Timing probably, and a degree of anxiousness xD Ive been terribly busy, and it seems only when I have my days off from work do I actually have any time to do anything like respond to this and that, even a simple comment, you were my first however that I made sure to respond too :3 so theres that, just so I knew I'd have time to do so. Sorry you had to deal with things you dislike and fear, back when I had cancer I had to get shots and blood drawn multiple times a day, so needles and blood work is commonplace to me, I've been stuck enough to know I wont be bothered, as for ladders... they scare me a little, not because I'm afraid of heights, but just that the ladder wont support my weight... I'm not fat by any means, but I am 6'0 230 lbs and I wonder often if its going to support my weight carrying whatever I happen to be carrying at the time, or if it might tip.. falling from a height is a scary business, but add my height into the equation, not fun... not fun at all.

Your work scenario seems like an accident waiting to happen, they really ought to address that better, I know when I was working at my first grocery store in the deli/bakery, I was sent back to get french bread dough and because the plastic sheeting flaps weren't installed properly in front of the door, and people constantly liked to leave the freezer door open, water gathered and froze, when I moved to avoid it, I ended up slipping anyways and breaking my wrist when I fell onto it to keep from striking my head against the concrete, I had to get casted that same day... work accidents suck. It also sucks when your co-workers don't do s**t right, some a-holes in my department two weeks ago were chatting out of sight from customers leaving me exposed to have to help every single one, when my current job is just to do production, basically craft sandwiches, package cold stuff to be put out... meaning I rarely help customers. Because I was stuck doing their job while they gabbed for hours doing nothing but hanging out, I couldn't get my work all done and I got yelled at, they literally threw me under the bus by taking a picture of my partially 'empty' case and sending it to my boss 'look at this' 'what didn't get done' ugh... I was so pissed, of course my boss took my side because shes a sweet heart once I explained what happened, but still it made me look incompetent and lazy, which I am not, not to mention they even got the store director and assistant store director involved... ugh I could have killed them, especially when I thought I was dealing with professional workers and not a bunch of children on a school yard... ugh. Besides that, doing ok, went and saw an Elvis Impersonator, going to a convention in April, going to show case a new cosplay hopefully, for which I am very excited for... Count Orlock Nosferatu xD
gothic kitsune
daemonic kandi
Raven DragonFire
Mad Mr Hatter

The image says it all...

Vendetta on a casual day

The Geisha and The Assassin.
A pair of sides, yet to be seen..

The Gothic side coming forth.
Beautiful as always, darker than ever.

The Lady's Vampyric Face.
I wouldn't go close, if I were you.

A talent and
a love of hers.

A twist,
a turn,
A face not presented yet...

My beloved

Jervis Tetch
and The Hatter

My adored
(or Kitty)

The Lady's

My darling


My wonderful
fun friend,


Kandi Kid,

gothic kitsune

Kandi Kid,

daemonic kandi

My beloved
dark friend,


The one I've married,

The poem speaks
what the heart cannot

A locked and broken heart
Only the mad ones have the key...

Isn't that always
the case?

Listen to the lyrics;
you'll hear all you need to know...

Nothing but
pure truth

Love and the darkness,
go perfectly hand in hand

One would do well not to cross
a vampyra who's also a wytch