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♥Art of Heaven = King of Swords ; Danse des Etoiles
♥ XxX_angelic_blue_XxX (senpai anon) = Team Star
♥ Candy o v o = Dante's Divine Verdict
♥ PoultryChamp = Rosette Kitten Star
♥ Lament Scarlet_ = White Russian
♥ SexualIy = Step Sister
♥ C H A R M A N D 3 R = Red Wing
yummy_smilies/icon_puddi.gif ZIGOKU = Dark Temptress of the Watery Depths; chyakuu norisu scarf
♥ Tzukita = Red Dander Bunny Ears
smilies/icon_whee.gif Kohios = SDPlus #166 Ginoverseer
♥ Caistio = Goblin Hipster
♥ Princess Merunari = Purky
smilies/icon_heart.gif iiShinnie/Synthetic Harmony = Shaggy Creeper Bangs; Starkeeper's Astrolabe; Red Devil MiniWings; the dark ring master
smilies/icon_heart.gif pocporn = Red Devil Tail
smilies/icon_eek.gif 1darkcloud1 = Art Of Espionage and Mako Maki
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif Giesta = Panda Hat
smilies/icon_eek.gif TinkerButts = Crimson Puppeteer
smilies/icon_redface.gif Seoaros = Muramasa
smilies/icon_redface.gif Elita-1 = Oisin's Blessing
smilies/icon_redface.gif iiPocky-Hime = The Lusty Scoundrel; Necrodancer; Berserk Conjuror; Mizuki's Glaive; Ode to the Studio Killer
♥ Yamni1 = Black Knight Lancer
♥ Thoreal = May Birthstone Streaks
♥ Pansecksual = 5m
• devilx_xangel = 100k
♥ lego world = King of Campus
♥ ` B I R D Y = Dark Swan
♥ Scit = Heart Vs Mind
yummy_smilies/icon_puddi.gif lieutenant doll = Serpentine Raiments; 5m
♥ zeigeist = Majoko Mariko
smilies/icon_heart.gif Denizzia = Gimpi and fishies ^ ^
smilies/icon_heart.gif Acetimmins =990k , lunar sash, dreamer's dust
♥ Nerril = Rainy Day
♥ MaliciousFog = 50k
• Marokia = 6k smilies/icon_heart.gif
• Kaji-Youkai_Hiei = 28k
• X_Acid_HeartXxX = 5335 and some items; 31654
• Darth Vron = Wirewood Bracers
• xox_Amuletheart_xox = 500
• deadsexydiva71096 = White Pleated Tennis Skirt
♥ Shinnie_Pop = 40k, 30k , pirate sando's vest
♥ lhim0906 = 100k
• andr3wwin =15k
♥ Kuro Neko Kyoko = Honorable Shaman
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif Silence the Fallen Angel = Music Notes Kimono Dress (Any) Purple Butterflies Kimono Dress (Any) Blue Rose Kimono Dress (Any) Pink Fireworks Kimono Dress (Any) Western Zodiac Runcible Spoon
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif BuckyStars & butt blush = Kitsune Mask x2 (traded it to get The Ringmaster)
♥ Yshiara = penguin
♥ sometimesalways = Deus Persona
• heart: jessicalynnxD = 10k
♥ Madam Anne Red = starcross lover's tragedy
♥ Sullen DarkLight = Reve Marin
• nigte = dark rose bouquet
♥ Punked 0ut = Talisman of Evil
♥ Ryuzuki_Rui (Snow Anon) = Dark Star
♥ Bunny von Schweppes = Geek Chic
♥ MS Sunshine13 = Light Keiko's Curls
♥ Hypnotize Big Daddy = Blind Death
♥ Hardcore Doggystyle = 500k
• misha coIIins = Jinxi's Charm
♥ Quidni = Faustine's Bottle
♥ Empiero Dark Heart = Zodiacal 13th Gen
• THE BAD LADY = 10k
• its Seano = 586 saw blades & 357 twigs
• Capt Richard = 15k
♥ princess_pillow = Prima Poppet
• akiflower13 = 150k
• Zack The Hobo = 15k
♥ Toothless21 = Southtown Ghost Story
♥ Nanria = Starbabies ; Dakuwaqa
♥ tehcolourpurple =Antipathy
• Niss3y = Woodland Fawn Slippers
♥ Kroneru = Oct 2013 letter >w<
♥ ldiot Savant = Mouton twins
• Damodin = 47k
• Flinckz = 20k
• Secksual Crayons = 7k
• Andi Hollow = Coral Fluff Plushie
• portrait of a lady = water triden
♥ ThePrimeEvil = Guitar of Demona
• SourSoviet = 100k
♥ Donut-Mutt = March Birthstone Streaks
• Chiyukki = [Animal] Light Brown Cat Fur
• Bufferinq = Antique Keymaster
♥ DJ Azure Chaos = Death Whisper
♥ AkikoTekeshi = Crescent Cowl
♥ [.Natsuki.] = 2m
• Effyy = 300k
♥ Foryst = 4m
• Rexford Radical = 100k
♥ Taruzen = Dullahan's Edge
♥ Genyusai = Yokai's Treasure smilies/icon_ninja.gif
• Dr_LOVEE = Demonic wind
• Sarah On The Horizon = SDPlus #375 Callista
♥Beauty of Grace = La Belle Chanteuse; Dame de l'Opera
♥Noizdere = Bloody Bunny Slippers, Welcome to the world of, Field creeper, Eye of Io, Devoted pawn, Acid teru teru bozu, Bunnepidemic, January Birthstone anklets, Astra-107 winking Violet Purity eyes, The widow, Jack's Bat clips, Rina's strange cupcake
•Anyel Sparkx = Fall 2014 Men's Collection
•Gausche = Get well soon gift
♥YoureManCupCake = 100m
♥Aquamarine9874 = Astra: Wisteria Breeze
• Sixx Sky = Twilight Star Sister
smilies/icon_ninja.gif Anon (magical nymph of Zillyhoo) = Nov birthstone anklets smilies/icon_ninja.gif
smilies/icon_ninja.gif Anon = Giacamo's Charm
smilies/icon_ninja.gif Anon = King of Fruits
smilies/icon_ninja.gif Anon = Hell Prison Guard
:ninja:The Grilled Cheese Anon = Radiant Heart Headband
smilies/icon_ninja.gif Le Ribbon Anon = Pink Serafuku Bow
smilies/icon_ninja.gif Shade Anon = Iced Shades
smilies/icon_ninja.gif The Hungry Bear Anon = Jar of golden honey
smilies/icon_ninja.gif Sugar Anon = Elama the Phoenix
smilies/icon_ninja.gif The Loving Anon = Sparkling heart lantern
smilies/icon_ninja.gif Fluffy Anon = Lesade's Sin
smilies/icon_ninja.gif Double Kitty Anon = kokeshi doll
smilies/icon_ninja.gif Anon = DokiDoki Memories
smilies/icon_ninja.gif All Father Anon = Kitsune Mask
smilies/icon_ninja.gif Cookie Anon = Glacemella; Fallen Wish: Turtlenie the Moga; Pistolera's Revenge
smilies/icon_ninja.gif Porcelain Doll Anon = Bound Warlock
smilies/icon_ninja.gif Stranger Anon = Princess of The Universe emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif
smilies/icon_ninja.gif Dreamifyyy Anon = Usurper's Lament
smilies/icon_ninja.gif EP anon = Pale Marionette
smilies/icon_ninja.gif anon = White Pawn Infantry
smilies/icon_ninja.gif Too Lazy Anon = Onyxback Lion Mask(for sale) ; Inverse Russian

yummy_smilies/icon_strawberry.gif(2013) I received gifts from the following lovely Santa's:yummy_smilies/icon_strawberry.gif

♥Maraschinos -Ebonscald Sword
♥Syafiq Pouts -Baby Water Meat
♥lieutenant doll -Serpentine Raiments
♥Athella - Monthly Collectible Letter for September 2013
♥pocporn -Fate's Artillery
♥Xhonya -Vampire Sound + Picolitrosso's Urn (Any)
♥captain_sara_rodgers -Zoey's Floating Hair
♥M4deline -Thimble's Tea Party
♥lll 2-D lll -Espresso Bean Lump-O-Sumthin
♥ Mr CB -Obsidian Tatsu Helm
♥ Anon (I wish i could know who you are smilies/icon_redface.gif ) - Yellow Toaster
♥Badonkees -Energetic Plantimal
♥ Anon (I wish i could know who you are smilies/icon_redface.gif )- White Rook Defense
♥POPTAG x 5 -Xmas Tree Cookie, Frosty Tree Cookie x2, Ultra Satan Slippers, Cup of Punch
♥h0ujun x 2 ♥ -Heart shaped box of sweets, Gingerbread Man Cookie
♥Pikaa Boo -Holiday Bunker
♥B A G T A S T I C -Red Daruma Doll
♥9ty- Mademoiselle Magpie
♥ MorphineMannequin -Cutie Clobberer
♥Zoava -Tire Dress
♥Elyralith -William's Stage Rapier
♥daejae - Pink Sock Hop Poodle Skirt
♥Gael Redfeather x 2 ♥ -Shadow Walker , Lover's Anarchy

< will forever be loved
Thank You very much ^ ^

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*Senpai noticed*
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hihi! joke only!
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Nah ~ xDDDDD xp
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