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I am an American female college student. I am also a Christian and am an INTJ. That is just a brief summary to let you get a basic understanding of me. If you want something a little longer, scroll down.


You can find more useful tools such as a theme database, random image generator, and layout builder over at Gaia Tools. This is a third-party site built and run by users like you. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year!


Life on Gaia started 10 years ago for me. It was a small and quiet existence, with not much to do aside from dress up my avatar and carol around during the holidays. As the years progressed, more and more activities came and stole my attention. I joined projects and started my own groups and guides, learning how to contribute and help out others. Some things passed away and left me with a sad feeling, but living the past is not good. The present demands my attention, and the future awaits me.

Currently, I spend a lot of times with profiles on here. I make custom ones, write guides for people who want to learn, and help to answer questions and provide insight to others. If you have a question about CSS or profiles, feel free to contact me about it. The Profile Discussion forum is a great place to check first though: we have plenty of guides to help people of all skill levels as well as a few regulars who are professional coders.

I don't like to share much of my life outside of Gaia. That's not to say that I don't ever talk about it: Sometimes I will mention it if I trust the person I am talking to or if I find it relevant. Please do not ask me for that sort of information though, especially if we have barely ever talked.

As a final note: I don't accept random friend requests :|
Talk to me first before sending one: I want to know who's on my list!


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