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нεя яσүαℓ εмιηεηcε αη∂ ∂ιvιηιтү
ρнιℓσмεηα cℓүтεмηεsтяα вεℓℓα

»Name: Philomena Clytemnestra Bella, 'Mena, The White Queen, The Virgin Queen, Phi

»Age Appearance: 28

»Gender: Female

»Relationship Status: Married.

»Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.

»Occupation: High Empress of the Adorean Empire

»Affiliations: Adorean Monarchy.

»Date of Birth: Midwinter mass.

»Zodiac: Capricorn

»Place of Birth: The celestial garden, Adorean palace grounds.

»Race: Adorean

»Weight: 136 lbs

»Height: 5’2”

»Body: Petite, soft, busty with small hands and feet. Not muscular or athletic.

»Skin: Ivory with subtle shimmer.

»Eye Color: silver gray

»Hair Color: Strawberry blonde, wavy

»Hair Length: Down to her rear end.

»Dominant hand: Left.

»Facial Features: Large catlike almond eyes, a small pointed nose, high cheekbones, high arched brows and a small mouth.

»Body Features: Compact, small woman. Legs shorter (and thicker) than her sister’s.

¤ Personality: Philomena started life as a cold, reserved and stilted person. She is a caged bird who has grown up her entire life within the confines of the empire and therefore relates to other birds in gilded cages. In her childhood, as the heir apparent and princess, it was discovered that her natural Adorean abilities were stunted. Her parents and handlers took special measures to conceal their daughter's birth defect from the kingdom, going so far as to prohibit her from ever leaving the palace and never playing with other children of the court. Because of this, Philomena is socially awkward and suspicious of the outside world. The only other children with which she had any playtime were her two younger sisters and servants. After the death of Itzubella and their mother, Anora became the most precious part of Philomena's life. Unfortunately, Princess Anora is adventurous and cannot stand to stay home, she leaves on interstellar adventures for months at a time and Philomena is often left alone. She is, in some ways, a prisoner of the throne.

Most consider her haughty and condescending, underneath that she is innocent and insecure. She has deep seated trust issues and fears intimacy, covering up her insecurities with a veneer of ice. Throughout her childhood she was instructed not to allow anyone to touch her skin (lest they discover her handicap), she grew up believing sexual encounters were taboo. She doesn't understand males and doesn't easily communicate with them. They are rare among her species and she is a bit scared of them. Not given to adventures, spells of passion, infatuation or mirth, Philomena seeks security from asserting herself as a divine being and considers the responsibility of the throne her primary duty in life. She loves her sister deeply and will not hesitate to throw down her life in her defense, but in spite of her good intentions, Philomena can be ruthless or even downright cruel.

Update: Since meeting Sir Lancelot, her knight and retainer, Philomena has become less hard. Her personality is more tender and open, she is more given to exploration, curiosity and experimentation. She is less bigoted and now open to new ideas. She is still more prim than her exuberant sister, but her temperament has become lighter and more relaxed.
Philomena married her knight Lancelot, and has born him a son, Prince Cyrus Arthur Epithymedes.

»Character Traits:
→ Innocent
→ Regal
→ Quiet
→ Self-sacrificing
→ Curious
→ Formal
→ Prim
→ Jealous
→ Naive
→ Ladylike
→ Kind

→ Flowers, Birds, Her family, Astronomy
→ Sugary sweets, candies
→ Her son.
→ Barbarella, her sister.

→ rudeness, ugliness, space travel
→ Hot spicy foods
→ Brotak

»Abilities/Powers: Touch empath (weaker than her sister's abilities). With concentration, can speak directly into the minds of others without words (only works with direct eye contact).

→ Plays the lyre, lap violin
→ Skilled in calligraphy, dance, etiquette, embroidery
→ Archery expert.
→ Diplomacy
→ Classifying and studying various birds from various planets

→ Philomena has a very sensitive heart, and her feelings are easily hurt. She has a very jealous personality and is easily moved to tears.
→ She is rather xenophobic, and believes Adoreans are the superior race. Though her harsh attitudes about this have softened since meeting Lancelot.
→ Philomena is also easily embarrassed by sexual situations.
→ Like a child, she has flimsy morality and under-developed understanding of right/wrong.
→ Physically, Philomena has a birth defect that handicaps her natural Adorean touch empathy. Energies of others are not easily transferred to her, giving her the acute sensation of being disconnected --like Autism.
→ Philomena is not physically powerful or strong. She is a small, delicate woman, and can be easily neutralized.
→ Barbarella. In spite of any fighting between the siblings, at her core, Philomena still deeply loves her younger sister more than anyone and anything else. Though the two may be pitted against each other, when push comes to shove, Philomena will risk anything to defend Anora.
→ Philomena has a low tolerance for alcohol and easily becomes very, embarrassingly drunk.

→ Elaborate and luxurious ensembles typically, oftentimes sporting expensive gowns imported from fashionable planets.
→ Occasionally disguises herself as a merchant to blend in among the citizenry.

Character Origins:
>Parents: Deceased
→ Andromadella, mother.
→Oviid-eson, father

→ Princess Anorabella, Princess Itzubella
→ Relations: Niece Ullanova (heir apparent, future Empress), Nephew Kaatoh cycle Omega

>Nuclear family:
→ Husband, Sir Lancelot (of Authurian legend)
→ son, Cyrus Arthur


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Queen Ava De LaClaire Report | 09/15/2014 8:24 pm
Queen Ava De LaClaire
Common Courtesy. It is my duty as a society hostess to not only know the royals of the peerage, but to establish and maintain everlasting relationships with them!
Queen Ava De LaClaire Report | 09/15/2014 8:06 pm
Queen Ava De LaClaire
Greetings Lady Philomena,
How do you do?
FoxTwix Report | 08/28/2014 12:41 am
mine is minimal navy
but there's other colors in the same hairstyle
^^ hope that helps
Brotak Kryaga Report | 07/29/2014 11:14 pm
Brotak Kryaga
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Prince Of Trickery Report | 07/03/2014 10:37 am
Prince Of Trickery
Of course, Hon!

emotion_yatta emotion_bigheart
Princess of Cakes Report | 06/30/2014 3:58 pm
Princess of Cakes
Thank you for the purchase. smile
Sir Lancelot du Lac Report | 06/24/2014 6:56 pm
Sir Lancelot du Lac
Philomena... my Queen, my love, my heart's true desire. You are the happiness of my days, and even now my love for you only grows by the day. I know things have not been always easy for us, and that we have been faced with many trials and tribulations. Yet, here we are. Through it all our love has only continued to blossom, and now we have the wonderful result of all of our hard work. You carry inside of you a beautiful baby boy. He will be loved dearly, and I have no doubts that he will grow into a dashing and heroic man one day. Oh, Philomena... my Philomena. I love you, I love you, from now until the end oftime I love you. My lovely, lovely, Philomena. You truly are the best, number one, and the most beautiful woman in the Universe. Your radience putting every other to shame. Again I say, I love you Philomena. Forever and always.


Nevii Mugen Report | 06/20/2014 1:09 pm
Nevii Mugen
That song on your profile is hella pretty.
Harp Redratur Report | 06/19/2014 12:05 am
Harp Redratur
Go and get your never ending attention. -grabs at her neck pulling off his pendant-
This is mine. -walking off, stomping at the ground-
Harp Redratur Report | 06/19/2014 12:00 am
Harp Redratur
Ya are like a child.. Vhat ya felt for me VAS one sided. -places her on the ground as he growls at her deeply-
I do not vish any of this. GO OFF VITH YOUR HUMAN. -one of his eyes flashed into the purple-


(Note: All Adorean ideas, creatures, rituals, and more WERE the original ideas of Barbarella Psychadella.
IF any Gaia user is to copy or modify any of these ideas including character to avatar outfits
without any consent to the owner they will be AUTOKILLED.)