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"Do or do not, there is no try.

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Dominique || ♀ || Lvl. 24 ||

Type: Ghost/Dark
Nature: Quirky
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Fan-girl scream, Rage, Glomp, Geek Out.
Item: an ice cap from Tim Hortons.

I love roleplaying so hit me up !
If you want my gamertag, steam account name, PSN, or my friend code ask!

Also, I don't accept random friend requests! Talk to me before adding me, please!



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DankyDab Report | 09/24/2017 11:41 am
I'm sorry it's been so long, but I sent it. I hope to hear from you soon, you got me really worried.. are you okay?
DankyDab Report | 09/24/2017 8:28 am
I've got it sent, it won't let me send you a message letting you know it's me. BUT I am Mikanlover420
DankyDab Report | 09/24/2017 8:17 am
Of course we can. I redownloaded my skype for you, and the Mikanlover is me.

You know I'm ALWAYS here for you. No matter what.
DankyDab Report | 09/20/2017 8:08 am
ACK! I'm sorry I just found this T.T I've been doing a lot of guild rps lately and my notices get lost a lot. sweatdrop I am a bad friend ;~;
I will fite u back with hugs tho. So prepare thine self! scream
But yeah it's sad, he's gonna be spending most of his life in jail now. But you gotta accept the mistakes you make.

Oh no! Are you alright? Does it hurt you? :/ I'm sorry. But hopefully there are ways to help without having to have surgery. Even if you do, I'll be here cheering you on the whole time. You are strong and I know you can get through anything. blaugh
I do have the magic hands. V magic, so many magic tricks ;D ahahahahahah but for real I'm pretty good at giving massages. My cousin would pay me to massage her pay and I'd be like hell yeah free money for not doing s**t! xDD

I appericate it very much <3 Had a lot of stuff during this whole time that has gotten me down but I'm dealing. I hope you are doing swell, though. emotion_bigheart

Hay, I don't mind you being weird. I don't use fb anymore because of toxic people, at least until I can get further in my recovery. I can redownload skype but I do have discord if you wanna chat through there?
Ipomoea Nil Report | 09/11/2017 4:41 pm
Ipomoea Nil
Thanks for purchasing from my store!
DankyDab Report | 08/12/2017 3:55 pm

Damnn, that sucks. That's so much time lost man, and dude just turned like 21 or 22 I think. He'll probably be behind bars for the rest of his life now. But you do da crime you do da time.
s**t, that's sad. That would be some s**t, I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I had three kids I didn't get to see grow up or whatever. gonk

I fugggin' love Shaun of the dead. Such a good movie. That will be us fo sho. My favorite part is when they did the beatboxing to the zombie moans. s**t is golden rofl

LMAAAOOOOO yep dat me. Aha, just doing ya a fooling because it's actually YOU. >:3

Ahh nooo D; I'm sorry you were having back pains. I would give back massage to make ya feel better. That's no Bueno you didn't get much sleep either. You need yo rest, girl! I hope you are feeling better and can get a better rest tonight, tho~

I'm alright, been kinda in a funk but I'm working my way outta it. Tomahh is my grandma's birthday but we had people over for it today. My great aunt X_X she is draining. She's so small and she's the type of person who always has to whine about something, and if you say you have a cold she has like ebola or something.
DankyDab Report | 08/11/2017 4:35 pm
It's only da trufffff emotion_awesome
AaaaaHHH spank ya, dear. It's mucho apprecito emotion_bigheart

Yuh, that's what I'm sayin. It's just sad 'cause dude's birthday was just a few days ago and this is like his third birthday behind bars. He just never fookin learned. It's sad but it's his fault.

Yas, we'll tag team 'em me then you then me then me & you
&you and me, SO HAPPPYYY TOGETHERRRRRRR *shot* but ******** yeah dude I'm done. We could totally be like Hellboy and Liz. I'll be ur Liz guuurl wink emotion_dealwithit lmao

Oooh, that's good. I'm glad you did that 'cause you need that relaxation!
Have fun drinkin' wif yo frans and then shoppin'~ and of course talking to me bc I'm sofa king awesome lulz jk

How are you feeling? :>
DankyDab Report | 08/10/2017 7:57 pm
Gurrrrrrrl, I'm just bein' honest. You deserve the best, anyways 4laugh

Bless ur existence, ma'am emotion_bigheart

Yeah, I was pretty shocked in a way. Like, I thought dude was doing better getting clean and then boom. Now he's facing capital attempted murder on an officer, which is a bs charge I think. But he's the one who ******** up. Do the crime do the time, just sucks because I know dude and we were pretty close. He always encouraged me to get clean while he was still using.

Faaaak, it's just getting bad everywhere now days. Ooo girl if I was there, I would have made that guy eat his own nose. Ain't no body gonna talk to you like dat D:<
Tryna give you a panic attack, I'll give them an attack and them mofos better panic! I hope you have a good weekend tho, boo.
DankyDab Report | 08/10/2017 6:56 am
yay! cat_blaugh

Ahh D< you deserve to be treated the best so I hope dude stubs his toe on a rusty knife.
Plus I'll still kick his a** : D Messin' with you will be someone DUCKED UP.

It was a mess dude, has me down every once in a while. The lady wasn't the one who shot him, it was the cops. Because they "feared for their life" when he was trying to escape in the car. Cop across the street was in the line of where my friend was trying to get out but wasn't trying to ram him I assume. It's illegal here for a police officer to discharge their weapon at a vehicle even if they feel threatened. They are suppose to do their best to move out of the way first. The cop was put on leave instantly after but it won't be much. Dude is just lucky to be alive. He got shot several times in the arm and from his mug shot it looked like one greased/hit his neck. Just sad man, I ran around with him for years with his ex who was my best friend. Then me and dude started running around together when I got into that s**t, but once I quit I thought he was too. He said he was doing better, but I guess it was a lie x.x
DankyDab Report | 08/06/2017 6:09 am
How are ya doin, gurrrl? Miss ya emotion_kirakira

Aye that sounds good. Always nice to chill with some wine.

Oh s**t. Are you okay? : do I needa come up there and break some legs. And possibly arms as well. > biggrin
Dude I had some crazy s**t happen a few days ago. Last week I think? It wasn't to me but it happened to this dude I was real good friends with for years.
I had recently stopped ******** with them too because I got clean and he was trying but just couldn't get out of that s**t. But long story kinda short I was driving by this chicfila amd HELLA cops are all around it. I come home and my grandma was like "there was a police shooting". And an hour later she comes up to me after and goes "It is RJ". Dude got shot by the police. Because he tried to shoplift from home depot, ran off and tried to carjack a woman who just wanted some chicken. rofl


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