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1. I try to make my prices the lowest in the MP.

2. If you see prices way over ABP (Average Buy Price) take a look at the prices higher than mine, I am usually trying to start a downward price trend. Too low and A.Iers (Artificial Inflators) will simply snatch it up and list it higher, too high and it will keep the price trend high, so I have to price carefully.

3. Once in a while you will see items that are half what the next highest price is, This is on purpose and not a misprice. I love knowing someone got a good deal or a dream item for less than they expected.

4. I do not entertain PM's on my pricing, I price low and check back once in a while to see what the pricing trend is and adjust it. I will not help you Inflate prices.

5. I do like making some profit on most of my items and will not usually sell below what I paid for them.

6. A lot of my profit goes towards donations and Anoning.


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