Welcome to my store!

All my sales go towards my Charity

I will entertain PM's with offers that are fair and reasonable. Remember, I sell here to raise funds for my charity, so if you try to rip me off, you are ripping off the questors that come to my thread looking for donations.

I will not hand you the item for free, so do not ask. If you are questing, you are more than welcome to PM me to look at your quest thread, but do not beg for gold or items. If I feel you have put in reasonable effort to your quest, I will maybe toss something your way.

If, by some lucky chance you come and buy something from my store, read this, and say "hey, she sounds nice, I would like to donate to her" then please feel free to send a trade to me titled "Donation" and put in whatever you wish to donate. I could be game items, starter items, gold, or on the off chance higher end items. all is welcomed.

If you read all this, thank you for your time.

P.S Vendors and Vendor Guilds. Do NOT Pm me asking me to raise my prices. My items, My choice to sell them for what they are actually worth, not for the artificially inflated prices of others.


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