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My Name is Jess & welcome to my profile.
Please Enjoy your time here~

If you like,
please visit my Deviant Art if you like to see my art. Feel free to follow me on my Deviant Art. ! Visit my Quest Thread to see what items I am questing for. ! Visit my Art Shop if you would like to buy my art. I do chibi and anime style.!And visit my Art Collection thread if you like to see all the art I have collected over the years, but please do not post inside.!


Deviant ~ art !
Art ~ Collection !
Quest ~ Thread !
Art ~ Shop !

Notes about me:
•I love glass bottles and pretty rocks.
•I like random PMs and Comments.
•I love drawing and would give out free chibis to nice people.
•I listen more then speaking.
•I am a HUGE Studio Ghibli fan
•I like Witches & Wiccans
•I am a proud Celtic.
•I like drawing, gaming, & RPing
•I switch back and forth between Paw & Human a lot
•I have pale skin, Ginger hair and freckles.(There is a pic of me in my DA)

I Like playing Kindred and I will love you if you give me your unwanted Kindred items.

Forever Questing Ally & Skill Potions:

The 4 icons above are Clickable

Feel free to ask me anything !

*Profile made by: Lady Laserina*
*Art found on: Zerochan.net*
*Icons by: Noir Nebula*

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P.S. Enjoy my Symbol bunny I made.

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Lady's Journal

Just a bunch of stuff I like and stuff I want to keep track of.


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Thanks 3nodding
cigarettes after sex

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cigarettes after sex

awww, thank you! i'm glad
i'm a fan of your avatar too!

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xd xd xd
I'm doing good; I've been working on Liliana, a character I'm using for a 1x1 rp between my friend and I...
which is getting off slowly, but I'm patient. You? How's your role play coming along~?

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Ahem.Sorry got excited~
Just thought I would pop in and say hello

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Thank you for buying, and I love your profile. heart
evil swamp rat

Report | 05/04/2016 3:31 am

evil swamp rat

nice avi and cute ponyo sig whee
Royal Leonhardt X

Report | 05/02/2016 6:34 pm

Royal Leonhardt X

Hey would you be willing to do a digital chibi art piece for me. Please PM me if you can heart
bye wig

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bye wig

thank you! yours is so cute (:
Rosebud Pudding

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Rosebud Pudding

That makes sense. 3nodding
Rosebud Pudding

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Rosebud Pudding

True, paw items are cheaper. But I don't think I'd ever use a paw base. I mean, I used them once for a second just for the sake of getting the achievements, but I'd never wear them long term. I don't have anything against them, I just don't think that they're really my style. I think it's also that I don't care for how stubby the items look, so...yeah. sweatdrop


Smile ~

Questing : Aspiring Doll Artist

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Art By: Me !

I switch between paw and human.