Ohai there. I'm Lady Hikara. I'm your normal, strange , Hetalia obsessed, next-door type, citrus loving, fanfiction writing girl. And before you ask, I ship PruCan for Hetalia. *cough* Anyways, here's a bit about me (that is what this is for, after all).

Age: Somewhere between being born and being dead
Height: Between short and tall, but on the shorter side
Hair: Its natural color (but I want a turquoise streak or two)
Weight: NORMAL for my age. I'm no supermodel
Pets: A box cat
Favorite color(s): Turquoise, bright apple green, dark gray, and bright orange.
Hobbies: anime, drawing, writing fanfiction,Pokemon, watching let's plays, ect
Dislikes: Chat speak. Don't even get me started

Well, now you know some more about me. Feel free to send me a PM or post a comment to the right: I always like a good chat. I draw avi art, usually for free (insert dramatic gasp here) so just shoot me a PM if you'd like some. I'm always open to avatar critique, and I'm open to playing some zOMG if I have the time. RPs are great, so if you'd like to RP, send me a PM.


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Halon Kast

Report | 08/23/2013 1:14 am

Halon Kast

No problem.
I don't mind waiting.

Report | 10/25/2012 5:12 pm


Thank you for the purchase!


Report | 06/04/2012 2:14 am


Sounds like a plan!
I have no idea how to do all that dice stuff, so I think i'll leave that to you.

Report | 06/02/2012 11:59 pm


Yeah, just for the sake of being!
So we'll basically have all the stuff in the mule, but we write from our mains?
And do you know how to do a dice roll?
That might be fun, but you'd have to make the odds hard to win.

Report | 06/02/2012 8:45 pm


Yeah, exactly like that!
And hmm, that would be nice.
We should use that mule.
So should we make the thread in that mule also?

Report | 06/02/2012 6:45 pm


And it wins the race.
Wow, that was lame.
The chill comment actually made me laugh, once you pointed it out.
I didn't notice it at first.
Yeah, the item is pretty nice and its incredibly cheap right now.
Thats why I grabbed them, no one wants them because it's not winter I guess.

Report | 06/02/2012 5:53 pm


I can put in a Jack Frost for sure, because I have a hoard of like 17 of them, so I can give up one of those easily.
We'll just have to keep on progressing.

Report | 06/02/2012 4:51 pm


Can't wait for it to go through, Im hoping to make one that will be popular, so that'll take a lot of work.

Report | 06/02/2012 10:43 am


Yeah, I don't know if I have anything to give right now.
Im thinking i'll booty grab my way to get prizes!
And that is a good start!
We're getting somewhere with that, that's for sure.

Report | 06/01/2012 12:13 pm


Actually, on second thought, no contests.
I can't afford any right now.


Quote me for a definate reply. PM me about avi art.
Siggy art by the amazing: onestepcloser11