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Welcome! I sometimes sell my items at a discounted price (below the asking price). So bookmark me and check back often! Thanks for shopping at my store!

I know how lately the MP prices have been ridiculous. People sell items several millions/billions above the items worth. People are just greedy nowadays.

This is my promise to you: I will never sell an item several hundreds-millions/billions/trillions above the items value. Yes a profit is nice, but I will not rip you guys off because I do not like to be ripped off. As the saying goes, "Treat others as you would want to be treated." And I want to buy items in the MP at a reasonable price, not an inflated price.

You can PM me about:
Possible item and gold trade for the desired item (item and gold combined must be worth the same as the MP price)
Possible item discount

If there is an item you are interested in but cannot afford, send me a message and we can work things out from there. I do accept items+gold / items / gold that adds up equally to the item you want. Keep in mind that I will not be ripped off, so please send a fair price. I only accept items that I have interest in.
Do not PM me about:
Begging for gold or a free item
Lowering my prices to your price range


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