Q: Why are you constantly on at times but then disappear for awhile at other times?
A: I am a college student that works and volunteers. So whenever there is a break between semesters or I have a day off I try make more of an appearance.

Q: Can you donate items and/or gold to me?
A: Maybe. It depends on what your asking for. I donate more freely to my longtime friends on here.

Q: Why are you so mean to people on the cosplay arena's but nice to others? (Also my view on the cosplay arena)
A: I'm blunt and I don't sugarcoat the truth. People put a lot of time and work into their outfits to submit there. I feel like those that do troll or half assed jobs on their cosplays is an insult to those that spend time on their cosplay. So yes I am going to call you out on it. Most of the time I make suggestions with what would make the cosplay better. I realize that over the years the prices of items have become extremely over priced. That and Gaia just doesn't have the certain items that we need for certain cosplays.

Over the years I have noticed a handful of [unofficial] rules set by people in the cosplay arenas.
1. Put a reference picture. It doesn't matter if people are familiar with the character or not. Also use photobucket to upload the picture. Nice out of ten times people will not copy and paste the link that you provide in the description.
2. The description is there for a reason. Use it. Tell us what you are cosplaying as and what it is from.
3. Original takes on cosplay characters tend not to go very well. Basically those "this is my take on [name] from [category]." These tend to be the animal turned human ones, etc. Although there have been people that have pulled this off.
4. Clearly state if your character is a genderbend or not. One of the biggest give away in cosplay is the Gaia hands. The male base has his hands in fists while the female base has her hands open. So don't do your male character with a female base.
5. It is instantly frowned upon if you use an entire item set and call it your cosplay. Example: the Alphonse armor item set from the anime/manga Full Metal Alchemist.

Here is what I think is the honest to God truth about the cosplay arenas: Don't submit your cosplay and not expect to get some form of critique. Whether it is good or bad. If it is bad take it with a grain of salt and learn from your mistakes.

Q: Your avatars are so pretty/cool/awesome! How do you make them?
A: I usually go with a theme or color and then find items that work with that theme/color. Actually I learned from my longtime old friend on here, DarkJakzToxic. She gave my tips and pointers on how to make outfits.

Cosplay's I Have Done


I have had SEVERAL cosplay accounts. Having them all became too much to handle and I transferred all my items onto this account.

The other accounts are still there in case I want to use them again but even though I was "closing down" that character I couldn't seem to delete the account. Next to the character is the name I used for that character. Not all of them all names have names listed next to them because I cannot remember the name that I used.

Previous characters I have cosplayed as:

- Axel (Kingdom Hearts) Memories of Axel (also was called Memorize_The_Fire) (I had founded the Memories family and was leader of it)

- Nami (One Piece) II Nami II

- Zelda (Legend of Zelda)

- Trish (Devil May Cry) Devil May Love (also was called Smokin_Sick_Trish)

- Tidus (Final Fantasy X) Crybaby Tidus

- Rosa (Assassin's Creed 2)

- name (name) The_Traveling_White_Fluff

- Renji Abarai (Bleach)

- Rangiku Matusomoto (Bleach)

- Zangestu (Bleach)

- Ikkaku Madarame (Bleach) II Ikkaku Madarame II

- Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII)

- Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy VII) Fallen_Angel_Aerith

- Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII) Final Cosplayer

- Balthier (Final Fantasy XII) Sexy Leading Man

- Sakura Haruno (Naruto)

- Alice Abernathy (Resident Evil movies) iProject Alice (which is now named Lady Experiment. aka this account)

- Claire Redfield (Resident Evil games) Sexy Claire Redfield RE

- Naraku (Inuyasha) Sexy Naraku

- Kagome Higurashi (Inuyasha) II Kagome Higurashi II

- Yuya Shina (insert) Demon Eyes Yuya-Chan

- Serenity Wheeler (Yu-Gi-Oh) II Serenity Wheeler

- Winry Rockbell (Full Metal Alchemist) II Winry Rockbell II

OCs that I have cosplayed as:

- Raven (Naraku's daughter with OC Clara Rosalie Elias from Inuyasha) xix Raven of Death xix

- Alan (Alice's son with OC Andrew C Wesker from Resident Evil) iAlan Wesker

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Gaia was an escape for me back in high school and college. It allowed me to escape from the reality and responsibility of adulthood.

Sadly we must wake up when you are in your middle 20s and still dependent on your parents and living at home and being a cashier at a retail/grocery store. I need to focus on being more of an adult now and stop procrastinating and avoiding my responsibilities. (Easier said then done though) -_-

I am not saying that I am quitting Gaia, just that I won't be on as often as I was in the past.



Hi there! *waves*

Looks like you stumbled upon my page. Not much here, nor will there ever be. I'm not an artist. I'm a writer, one that often has writers block.

I go by my internet name of Taya Seloria. Once I get to know you and etc I might tell you my real name. And its usually after I have known you for about a year or longer and I stay in contact with you.

I'm super friendly and nice, but I have a mean streak at times due to being bullied in school when I was little. So if I say something that is mean and hurtful, I'm sorry in advance.

I don't sugarcoat the truth and I am blunt at times. I am a huge procrastinator and tend to be lazy.

I'm straight and loving the single life. I am not looking for any type of relationship right now.

I've been on Gaia since 2008, but not on this account. My first and original account is [pending].

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Busy right now with real life and adult stuff. My free time goes to my gaming. I will get to get on when I can.






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