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yesh.. the life of moi!! ^^

yea so this is my life events in a nutshell...read on if u dare lolz



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Lady RenStar

Report | 10/07/2016 6:11 pm

Lady RenStar

Sending love~
Lady RenStar

Report | 09/29/2016 10:10 am

Lady RenStar

My writing is horrible.
Run on sentences, terrible word placement, and typos. Omigoodness, typos. Kill me now.
My apologies. I'll do better next time. Promise.
Lady RenStar

Report | 09/29/2016 10:06 am

Lady RenStar

Uuugghh.. Times like these, I hate being a woman. My body hates me, I swear. I think it wants to prove that it controls me. Lol!
I can't wait for the weekend. Oh wait, it won't be any different than usual since Kyle works it this week. They'really having him work 12 hour days plus Saturday. So he's going to sleep all Sunday so he can start all over again on Monday. I'll be doing my usual of cleaning and taking care of kids. Such a fun and exciting life /sarcasm at its finest.

I'm glad things are getting better there. That's a relief.
You have so much on your plate as it is, you don't need extra load.

Kyle and I worked through it (now I know why I've been so moody). It wasn't too terrible of a tiff, he told me to go ******** myself, so I refused to come home. Bright side, I caught 2 diglett, 4 pidgey, took over 2 gyms, and gathered 30+ pokeballs during the 2 hours I wandered around. My revenge was perfect, 'cause it pissed Kyle off when I don't tell him where I'm at. Serves him right. Lol!
I love your hiding spots and I'm super envious that you had such awesome hideaways. When I was 7 I use to hang out in a broken down car that sat in my parents driveway. It was my sanctuary until my parents had it towed and all my treasures I had stashed in it were taken away. It caused serious trust issues for me. I cried so hard and tried to explain about my stuff, my mom only got mad at me for making a issue of it and told me to get over it. It was the only place I could hide my stuff that the daycare kids my mom watched wouldn't be able to get to. Everything else I owned was given to them to play with or use, so basically I wasn't allowed anything for myself.

Samsung = love. I can't bring myself to own an apple. They're usually behind with the latest technology. The only issue is that their app store receives apps/programs before android because of apple popularity. It's really disappointing, android is so much better.
I thought the 7 was just recently released? I would seriously hope the 8 wouldn't come out before the 7 is even a year old (it was released in March, right?).. I would really wonder why I bought this is the first place then.

Bleh.. I wanna go sleep. Sorry if i seem grumpy.. Don't worry, I'll be better in.. 5-6 days?
Lady RenStar

Report | 09/26/2016 7:09 am

Lady RenStar

Ahhh.. Your days/weeks are swamped. I'm happy you were able to get on and write me.

These past few weeks haven't been easy at all and I'm completely mirroring your exhaustion. Last night was our let down/drink wine while the kids sleep night.. Such a complicated weekend. I just want to escape from it all. I'm envious of your watching Zootopia, such a cute movie. It was played at the school movie night, but I didn't get to stay and watch 'cause I got in a huge tiff with Kyle, so I left early and wandered around aimlessly for several hours before returning home. It pissed Kyle off even more that I wouldn't tell him where I was. Serves him right. Lol!

Sending best healing wishes to your mom and I hope you're able to get some rest. It would be terrible if you broke your body down trying to care for others. Please take care of yourself as well.

I am so done with health issues and medical problems. I feel like I'm surrounded by so much of it lately. I don't even know own where to start. Soooo... Since it's all sad and uncomfortable topics, I'll just pretend there's nothing going on.

On a happier note, Kyle and I got new phones. Galaxy 7 edge is amazing.. I can split screen stuff! AT&T is having a promotion, when you buy a Samsung phone, you can get a Samsung Tab E for 99cents and just pay taxes. We put it on our data plan so Kraz can play pokemon go with us on his own account. He loves it. Only problem, he was watching YouTube when we weren't looking and it ate up more than a quarter of our data already. And Kyle already used over a quarter as well. Kyle is notorious for data usage, so we might end up going over because of this. Sigh.

I've been emotional eating the past week or 2.. Although I was doing really well with my current diet, I've eaten too many chocolate covered almonds (it doesn't take much to gain weight with a hypo thyroid), so instead of losing weight, it's been status quo and it's depressing stepping on the scale. I supposed I should be happy I haven't gained even with my chocolates. Lol!

Hoping your days get better from here on out! I'd love to see you on here more. Hopefully we can catch each other on at the same time, I would love that!
Lady RenStar

Report | 09/23/2016 9:39 am

Lady RenStar

Busy happens..

It's gotten better here. I hope things are well for you there.

Report | 09/15/2016 6:37 am


It was no problem. I'm glad you like it.
Lady RenStar

Report | 09/12/2016 2:07 pm

Lady RenStar

Happy to hear that the sickness was easily overcome and gone.
I hope your gardeners did as you requested. New trees sounds lovely. Flowers are pretty and all, but trees have their own beauty as well~

Don't worry about me.. I'd never turn to drugs (the illegal kind) or alcohol. I am taking excederin for my constant headache and other pains.. I'm not usually one to turn to vices during hard times, I have more pride than that.
Also, thank you. I really appreciate the kind words and the willingness to pend an ear and a virtual shoulder for me to lean on.
I've been freaking out over Kraz's coming up field trip. We lost our kitties on June 22 and August 22.. His field trip is September 22 and I'm wondering if it's some sort of bad omen/warning that I should be heeding.
I feel like the reaper is sitting outside our door just waiting.. I don't know what's coming or who I will lose next and I'm scared.

Biotin might help with the hair problems. Kyle and I have been taking aupplements 'cause I was complainine about the same thing in regards to my hair and nails being so brittle. I am guilty of dying my hair though and my hypo-thyroid doesn't help the situation. Bleh. My body hates me. The biotin has been helping though (and the detangle spray), so I actually enjoy my hair right now instead of threatening to chop it off every other day. Lol!

Ah.. I'm so jelly of your meals. Although I wouldn't say that ours has been plain, they haven't been at all. I have heard of Konjac, we recently had the shirataki noodles this past summer when I served them with miso soup~
Most of our meals have been extravagant salads, stirfry with veggies and munglean noodles, or quinoa dishes. I can get pretty creative and pretty diverse with the meals.

I'm off to go pick up kraz~

Report | 09/10/2016 2:00 pm


hey bb heart
Lady RenStar

Report | 09/09/2016 6:17 am

Lady RenStar

I'm so sorry to hear that you're sick! Please rest and get better, I hate knowing you're in pain. And shhhh puga-chan, mommy needs sleep.

Pain, sickness, accidents, and death has been stalking me and my family members, it's been really rough. I'm not handling it very well and I find myself spiraling down the path of depression. From what I can remember, the last time I was this bad was about 8 years ago. Instead of pulling others down with me, I've just withdrawn myself from most social circles atm.
I apologize for my lack of responses.

It must have been a relief to wash your hair. A full week?! That's crazy! I commend you though, I could never do it. When my hair is dry, I use detangle spray (which is daily lately). It works wonders and makes my hair silky smooth.

I'm envious of your cooking lately. I've been doing a strict no carb diet to lose this baby fat I accumulated during pregnancy. Meat and veggies, meat and veggies, more meat and veggies.
Don't get me wrong, I love my meat and veggies.. But I'd give (almost) anything for a potato or rice right now.

Today is another long day of cleaning. I just want to sleep.

Report | 09/07/2016 2:48 pm


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