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2/11/11- First time on Gaia in 200 days.
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yesh.. the life of moi!! ^^

yea so this is my life events in a nutshell...read on if u dare lolz



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          I can't listen to your profile music just yet since I have other people near me at work
          But I love your profile * Q *
Lady RenStar

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Lady RenStar

Miss you!
I hope you're not over working yourself.

Much love.


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It's alright. Not really college, though. xD
Just a summer program~! (thank god)

It's alright so far. I'm pretty homesick, still, but it's not as bad. I had a wee bit of an emotional breakdown last week, and again on Monday, but I think I'm getting better? I'm sort of starting to get used to it. They keep us pretty busy. There are mandatory activities Thursday and Friday evenings, and excursions on Saturday. We did Capture the Flag with the ENTIRE SCHOOL. HOLY s**t. on Thursday, and they took us to a beach on the St Lawrence this afternoon. Tomorrow we head off to Tadoussac to see some whales~! emotion_yatta
I've been sort of iffy emotionally, so I talked to the program director, and I mentioned that I like to sculpt. She told me to talk to my RA, who has a visual arts degree, so now we're trying to come up with an idea for a sculpture that would commemorate the Fortieth year of this school. I have an idea so far, but I have to sketch it out and I'm so baaaad at sketching. xD

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bb your avatar is so pretty! emotion_kirakira
Lucid Hallucinogen

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Lucid Hallucinogen

I'm trying to. . .
Mostly I tend
to want to spend
money so that I might
make someone else's day bright
I also wish sometime
to make certain items mine.

haha, rhyming is sometimes easy
and at other times it's hard
just like sometimes chicken is greasy
if you use a lot of lard
haha!!! rofl
Lucid Hallucinogen

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Lucid Hallucinogen

I always say "I won't give in to temptation" on gaia, but I always do
Lady RenStar

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Lady RenStar

Ah.. That college schedule >.<
I remember you talking about how rough it was. Your lack of sleep. My constant worry for your health. >.>
I will/do get rest. Just opposite times of the day than all the daywalkers. LOL!

Thunderstorms, flood warnings, separation from Anika..
Worry, worry, worry..
You're going to make me explode with anxiety y >.<
I'm going to expect news daily on your safety /handsonhips

Your avii is still adorable! Buttercream sugary goodness that I want to rub all over my body. Hahha!
I've been selling a few things in my inventory, I'm going to try to buy something new..
I can't decide between Punishing Invidia or Minimal Pink. Both are so tempting.. But seriously?! 799gc = 40b?! /dies

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are you online love?
because I can't tell LOL
your name is not showing up in my friends list!

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oho bb i'd never get mad <3
i usually play leona support

but lets play aram since idk how long I long I can stay on for tonight!
also also
dw ;w; I usually play league for the fun so I never get angry LOL


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