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yesh.. the life of moi!! ^^

yea so this is my life events in a nutshell...read on if u dare lolz



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Lady RenStar

Report | 08/29/2016 1:08 pm

Lady RenStar

Uwaaaah! I love your avi right now~ The Fallen color theme is one of my favorites. I've been pretty obsessed with the Sherbert and Sinful themes too. Much love for gradient coloring~

Let's not talk about me. Too much drama, even I want to ignore it all. So I'll skip on how I'm doing and go straight on to you~
How did the appointment for the animal child go? Did human child get over the bout of diarrhea? Lol! I loved the labels, so I thought I'd continue it.
Talk about a 'shitty' day. I certainly hope it got better. Messes (especially stinky ones) are a pain to clean up when you're not feeling well.
Why did mother nature curse women with such pain? Is it a monthly reminder of the hell we'll go through to birth children and hopefully put us off from wanting to reproduce?
Uterus be like, "I need to clean my place out, let's stab all the walls with invisible knives for a week and cause excruciating pain 'cause it sounds like fun!" Brain be like, "To hell with you all! One of our tenants is causing a problem, so I'll let my emotional and irrational twin take over for a week while I take a break."
Stomach starts shouting orders, "Eat all the things! Maybe it will calm them down!" Brain's currently employed twin responds with, "Sob sob, yes, ice cream looks good." Uterus, "Diiiiie waaalls!" *stab stab*
Psh.. Men Boys.. Never quite understood where they got ideas like that. You'd think they'd pay attention in sex ed since genitalia is such a common topic with guys ("haha, I drew a p***s on the bathroom stall door." "Well, I drew the boobs on the mirror" "dude, right on!" *fistbump* )

Runway.. I think I'll take a break from it.
I'm glad you liked my entry though~ I thought it turned out rather well.
And omg, right? If they're so enlightened, they should know how to bring about world peace rather than worry about how hot their vanilla soy latte is.
Lady RenStar

Report | 08/26/2016 10:46 am

Lady RenStar

Damn those little old ladies >> Someone needs to give them a piece of their mind. I'd sure have a lot to say.
Ah well. I've had some time to work through my emotions a bit and I got a little extra sleep (Kyle -bless his heart- took Wednesday off to let me rest). It was much needed. More health issues are showing their ugly head and he's worried, so I let him take care of me for a day to appease him (and I truly needed it). It felt so strange being on the receiving end. I'll be making some drastic changes to my diet as well -goodbye crackers, oatmeal, and rice.. it was nice knowing you-

Kraz took the news hard, although not as hard as when we lost his kitty in June. I just don't know why each incident is happening so close to one another. Ironically the same day as well. We lost Miitsu on June 22nd and Mika on August 22nd. Is it a sign? Am I missing something important? Are those little ladies playing a cruel joke on me? Am I next?

Ughhh.. Forgetting to bring tampons/pads is a nightmare! Been there, done that, won't ever forget the experince. Are you not able to make a quick run to a convenience store? I'd consider this an emergency situation and make the run (other people will understand). When I'm on my womanly I gush like Niagara falls, no amount of paper towel would suffice. I know not all women have it like that, but it's certainly uncomfortable regardless of the amount. Go.. Go now and get some womanly protection!

I still have to put together the list of avis I've made for runway. I will, I promise. Just give me a little more time.
I'd want see the ones you've entered into the arena. When you get time, I'd love to see your list as well!

I will take your advice and make some tea.. After a nap. I have more cleaning to do today, but I really want to rest a little more first. I've been up since 5am. Dragging so hard right now. *dragdragscoot*
Lady RenStar

Report | 08/24/2016 8:49 am

Lady RenStar

Ah.. I'll relax when I can. Kyle took the day off today to help me. The past 2 days have been hell.
News on our kitty is bad news. We transferred her from our vet to an emergency clinic that would give her care after hours. We were there over an hour when we were taken to the back for the bad news. They said they could continue with treatment but there was only a sliver of a chance she would survive the night. Her temperature dropped dramatically, she was losing awareness of her surroundings, and she was oxygen dependant. We had to make a really hard decision that night.
While we were making the hard decision, my mom called with more bad news. She was asked relay a message from my aunt. My aunt has cancer and is going in for a biopsy today (Wed.).
To top everything off, Monday (during the vet/kitty episode), I tweaked my lower back getting up off the floor and have been in excruciating pain since. I also found a lump in my right hand that causes pain to shoot up into my ring finger. My foot pain hasn't eased up either. I'm a mess. I feel like you did during your neck/shoulder and toothache dilemma. Too much at once.
Now Kraz is getting sick and refusing to eat. The news of our kitty hit him hard too. We've lost 2 kitties in the past 3 months. Kraz's kitty was hit by a car in June.

Gah.. That was a load of bad news. Gomen, gomen (sorry, sorry).
On a lighter note; I made a unicorn avi thay I'm quite proud of (although I want to add bangs, the hair makes the ears look lopsided). I also won second place in the Yoga runway during the weekend.

How have things been with you? I hope it's good, I need some cheering up and knowing everything is okay with you will help~
Avid Desire

Report | 08/23/2016 9:23 pm

Avid Desire

        i walked into a tiffany store w my bf a week ago and thought of you
        & i told him about how much i missed our talks
        & how much advice you had given me
        i'm doing alright in college if you're wondering :')
        heading into junior year now
        getting ready for that ib recruiting season sweatdrop
        i know you're busy and don't have a lot of time to talk
        but let me know how you're doing when you get the chance
        i miss you emotion_hug
Lady RenStar

Report | 08/22/2016 6:08 pm

Lady RenStar

Little update among all the chaos. Our kitty is in the vet, they aren't sure she'll survive. I found her in the garage while I was in the middle of doing laundry.
Too much going on and I'm completely overwhelmed.

Short reply to your message (I promise a better one later).
-Phone conveniences are both good and bad. Great that everything is at our fingertips (I love my fitbit too. Lol), but we tend to look more at our phones rather than the scenery around us (I've been guilty of this so many times).
-Kraz hours are whack. The whole district has the same hours too. Weird af.
I couldn't image having such a full day as a kid, there would be no time to enjoy life.
School lunches are gross. Bleh. I always pack kraz's food.
-serves those teens right! I laughed pretty hard at the image of the mini heart attack. I would have given anything to be able to see that!
Lady RenStar

Report | 08/19/2016 8:03 am

Lady RenStar

Oh goodness, I think I'd die without my phone. I've become so reliant on it. It has everything. No more alarm clocks, radio, camera, portable DVD player, wearing watches, calendar or datebooks, photo album, remembering birthdays or appointments, yellow pages, newspaper, magazines, recipe books, dictionary, help guides, translator, printing maps, going to a bank/atm, pay bills, and even needing the use of a bulky laptop/computer.

1% is definitely living dangerously. We picked up portable batteries at Fry's electronics. Mucho love for external batteries. Samsung batteries suck balls. Lol!

Survived first and second day of school. Second was so much easier. Less adults to deal with since they all had to go back to work, so nice.
Kraz's school hours are 8:15 - 2:31 (except early days on Wednesday, 8:15 - 1:22). Weird hours if you ask me. Can't they just even it out 8-2 or 9-3? Your schools have the right idea going on.
Wed and Fri they sell $1 ice cream after school. All the kids get excited and want to go together. I feel terrible that I only allow Kraz to get some once a week, but he doesn't need junk food all the time.

Ah! I remember you telling me about the vegan lady. Lol! Seriously, people need to learn to mind their own business. I'm sure she wouldn't like if someone preached the health benefits of eating meat. Lol!
I think the golden rule has been forgotten. Consideration and politeness has become a fossilized tradition.

Sigh.. been writing this in between making breakfast, getting kraz ready for school, feeding Faye and changing poopy diaper, and pumping (moooo). Guuuh. Full day for me, even with kraz at school.
Hope your day is going smoother than mine.
Lady RenStar

Report | 08/17/2016 3:30 pm

Lady RenStar

I would copy/paste, but I do everything (and I mean eeeeeveeeerythiiing) on my phone. Copy/paste is seriously not my friend. It will highlight the whole page, or only one word, or copy and then copy something over what I just copied 'cause it will freak out on me... I like to keep one tab up with the comment I'm replying to and another tab for the reply, but swapping back and forth can result in a refresh. So frustrating. Emails, pms, comments... Y u do dis phone?!

Psh.. Accept that trade so I can continue sending stuff. Lol!

I laughed at your game of thrones reference, not for the fact that I got the reference though. Lol! I read the GoT wiki, does that count? XD
I really have no idea though. Reading the wiki only gave slight understanding to what people were talking about because I refused to sit down and actually watch it. Barely any time to sit and write comments, why would I have time to sit and enjoy tv? Sigh.
Seriously though, my mom has gotten in some strange stuff. I don't think it's really that she's prone to emotional damage, more like she doesn't like takin responsibility for her actions/words so blame it on something else (usually blaming the past, like "I treated you like that because my mom brainwashed me." or "it's because I was raised badly that I raised you badly, but I'm fixed now." wink .
What's really bad is that I don't trust my kids with her now. Kraz visited them for a week, when he came back he was lying, being disrespectful, obnoxious, and bragged about the sweets my parents got him. I was appalled. All while my mom told us that she was having him meditate daily and teaching him about body energy and healing power. I don't like her teaching things without my approval, so I will now limit the time he spends there and I will make sure I am always present.

I'm glad to hear that you're doing a bit better. I would give anything to be able to sit and relax in a bath. We don't have a bath, only a shower stall. I should probably soak my feet in some warm water with salts, might help.

Kraz had his first day of first grade today. We were 3 minutes late because other parents are complete privileged and entitled assholes. They blocked all hallways and even though they saw that I was trying to get my son to class, I was in their way and received multiple dirty looks. One lady left her stroller in the middle of the hallway, so I moved it to get my stroller through and just as I pushed it aside piles of other moms came through and blocked my way. I has to stand there and wait until everyone passed. It would have been faster if I walked around the building and came through the back way. I swear.
Lady RenStar

Report | 08/15/2016 4:15 pm

Lady RenStar

Oh.. and regarding your tooth.. I think I heard that placing wet tea bags in your mouth will help with pain and discomfort. Although I'm not sure how or why it helps.
I really hope this time goes quickly for you. I hate hearing that your in discomfort. I really wish there was more I could do to help
Lady RenStar

Report | 08/15/2016 4:01 pm

Lady RenStar

Omggggg... I wrote a super long comment and accidently refreshed the page. Its gone!

I'm going to sum it up and it will be super lame. Sorry.

Got my trading pass back. Had a whole long, cute, and funny description on my reaction, but now it's this. "I'm free! Yay!"

The whole thing about my mom was ridiculous. Summed up version;
She met a New Age healer. Became "connected to the divine mother." Apparently that made her love me, 'cause she never truly loved me before this. She then told me the New Age healer met my bother. Yes, the recent drug-addicted, bad influenced, bad-choices-in-life, cant-keep-a-job brother of mine. The healer said that he's already connected to the divine mother (he knows love), a strong spiritual individual, and 1 out of 2 of the strongest spiritually that she's ever met.
Really? A strong and loving spiritual individual is easily influenced, abuses substances, uses people, and can't keep relationships?
Yup, I'm sold *sarcasm*

Haha! Falling asleep during the movie, waking up, and your child/her friend still sitting there is impressive! Kraz would take any opportunity to disappear and sit in a different seat. Not because he's a maliciously rebellious child, but he just is too active for his own good and has a haRd time sitting still.
I have to wait for all movies I want to see to come to bluray, but I'm really looking forward to when they do. Glad to hear your opinion regarding suicide squad and secret life of pets ~

I'm glad you have a little reprieve from the pain and discomfort. Let's continue on this path and hope you will not have to deal with it very soon. Don't forget to take an Epsom salt bath~

Aaaand.. Summed up. So much shorter than previously /sad
Lady RenStar

Report | 08/13/2016 10:08 am

Lady RenStar

Ahhh.. Finally some time to sit here and write you. We had a guest over yesterday and the whole day was full of cleaning and activity. It made being on gaia and replying almost impossible.
My mom called me just to tell me that she saw Faye's pictures on instagram and since Faye looks exactly like me, that means she will look exactly like her. She goes on to say that "that means there are 3 generations that look like me!" She also told me that Faye will be a lesbian. When I said "I doubt it, but Faye will make her own choice." Her response was "Why? Would you be ashamed of her if she was?" "No mom. I would accept her regardless of what she chooses, but I will not label her or make the choice for her. I will accept it if it's truly what she wants, I also won't force her to make a 'phase' her life choice. All kids experiment or consider it, but doesn't mean it's what they will choose to be. Let her make her own choice." I was heated. My mom wants me to be exactly like her and she's crossing the line with it. Her first born (myself) chose to settle down and start a family, whereas her second born chose to be homosexual and has no intention of ever adopting or starting a family. He got into the life of drugs, dangerous sexual activities, and bad influences. I have nothing against my brother, nor his choice of sexuality and lifestyle, but I let him make his own choice and accepted it for what it was. I don't need ideals pushed onto my children just because she feels like a failure about her own.
Sigh. Sorry. I vented. I have a lot of anger towards my mom. I keep trying to release it, just let it slide off my back. I can take the derogatory remarks toward myself (and I get a lot from her), but NEVER aim it at my kids. They don't deserve it.

Your neck/shoulder issue sounds a lot like my foot issue. Excruciating pain.. I'm so sorry you have to deal with it. It sounds terrible.
And seriously? Blaming it on smoking? That's like saying my plantar faciitis is because I'm a alcoholic (I drink alcohol once or twice a year). Ridiculous.

I haven't had any interest in seeing Suicide Squade. It was over hyped in my opinion and I doubt it lived up to expectations. Actually, I rarely have interest in seeing new movies. Cartoons on the other hand... I want to see The Secret Life of Pets, the new Troll movie (with Justine Timberlake and Anna Kendrick) and Moana. Kung Fu Panda 3 was adorable! I won't get much chance to go to a movie theater for the next couple years with having Faye. The same happened when we had Kraz. It was years before we went to a theater.


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