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My name is Brittany, I go by Bri.
I love the sun, the ocean, and a good cosmopolitan when I can
actually find it. I like a good book and love a good movie.
I'm currently addicted to TBBT, Sherlock, and Luther.

I'm pretty sure I was a ferret in a past life due to my love of all things shiny. I'm also pretty sure that my love of the color pink is more of an unhealthy obsession. I have been pretty well addicted to strawberries for the past year. It started with a craving and now I eat them daily, usually for breakfast.
I love running, you can be overweight and run too right? I have a 5K CC path I run at a park near my house and I'm the only person there when they open. I love the cold air, the rush, the stillness of everything around me as I move as fast as my cubby legs will carry me.

I am an Atheist, if you don't like it get over it.
I decided a long time ago even though I was raised in a strongly
christian family that if there were a god it would have proven
itself in the past few thousand years to mankind.
I have morals like any other person, I just don't use the bible to
shove them down your throat.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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The L.A.B

A gallery of avi art I have collected since I can't draw it myself.



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Report | 08/23/2013 6:27 am


Thank you for joining Totally Hooked!

Report | 04/17/2013 7:13 pm


keep it up! i just finished day 2 of p90x lean! hope all is well!

Report | 04/16/2013 5:39 pm


no worries! s'all good, just as long as you're working hard.

i had to modify my p90x workout, starting out with the lean program first to get rid of my extra baggage, haha.

Report | 04/14/2013 12:42 pm


thanks for adding me! lets work hard to obtain our desired fitness level!

Report | 02/25/2013 2:35 pm


enjoying chilling out to your profile music (:

Report | 12/15/2012 1:32 pm


sweet ty

Report | 12/15/2012 9:49 am


omg ur pro is amazing 10 out of 10 x3 also wut is this song called :3
Lluvia Maya

Report | 11/04/2012 7:07 pm

Lluvia Maya

very lovely profile, the photos are amazing heart
Kaylee v3

Report | 11/02/2012 2:04 pm

Kaylee v3

ty 4 buying heart
Pride The Homunculus

Report | 10/17/2012 9:01 pm

Pride The Homunculus

Love your siggy and profile!