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What I'm wearing~

Wanna haaave *-*

Come in, come in~

Gee2Heart on 11/23/2015
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Birdiechan747 on 10/29/2015
Meep Chan on 10/27/2015
True Xenon on 10/27/2015

That would be me

Oh boy, - It's probably time to finally do something about this very empty profile page of mine...

Hello, good day, Grüß Gott, guten Tag!

I go by the name La Snooze on here (and on most other websites) - So feel free to call me whatever variation of that name you come up with.

Facts that might or might not be interesting about me...
- I'm 20-something
- I'm European
- I speak German, English and French, all three of them more or less fluent.
- I like to switch between male and female avis
- I love Anime and manga that have a good story and are well drawn.
- I'm a sucker for musical plays
- I love music, and go by the voice to see if I like a song or not.
- I play the piano and sing, and write my own songs
- My hobbies include anything creative, dancing, cooking, baking, dressing up,...
- One of my favourite things on Gaia is talking to people and getting to know the person behind the avatar. I think it's enlightening and exciting.

So, shoot me a pm, a comment, whatever - I don't bite, and I thoroughly enjoy conversations.


say something? :3

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Saffrons_Curse Report | 11/25/2015 3:48 pm
But it looks so pretty in forums! heart The header isn't all that matters.
rnercury Report | 11/25/2015 3:01 pm
i love your avi. <3
you used the pumpae mask really well.
Argentite Report | 11/25/2015 5:01 am
That's fair. But as a struggling musician wannabe myself, it isn't just THAT easy. I mean, there is luck involved, but Bieber was pretty well-loved during his YouTuber days, and for good reason.
Back then, his selling point was his voice. He did genuinely have some talent, he could play some instruments too to some degree.
Which makes it a little ironic that right now, Bieber's new album is great and has converted non-fans, but not because of his voice or anything. It's because of the producers and guest stars, for the most part. At least to me.
I love "The Feeling" but Halsey's part is the best as far as I'm concerned, while "Where Are U Now" is fun because of Skrillex and Diplo.
I might just write a review of Bieber's album. Idk. I'm backlogged on reviews as is but this might be interesting.

Ooh, I love the Moonlight Sonata. Great choice. I used to be able to play the whole thing but I am so rusty. ;___;
(I used to play the piano too but living without a piano for years has made me rusty. For piano stuff I am most fond of Schumann, Chopin, and Debussy.)
And Christina is a great singer.
Speaking of great singers, I still need to get a copy of Adele's latest. sweatdrop

Bandcamp doesn't do geographical restrictions, afaik. Idk about shipping of physicals, I think it goes worldwide, but digital downloads and streaming are available everywhere.
Argentite Report | 11/25/2015 5:00 am
I dunno about a lot. But when I get overexcited or really angry, then you bet. lol

Not gonna pretend that I'm leveling Pumperilla for the kin. Lake Kindred pretty much is a game you play to collect new kin and get rewards. Mostly the latter.
I've given up collecting all the Kin because of all the expensive CS exclusives (and those wretched Barkhest) but I like grabbing good ones for farming.
Skulverine is my baby, though. Even if Pumperilla sadly outclasses him at pretty much everything.

As far as I know, HP grows by the same amount by every level.
Having a regular Pegacorn Fluff myself, I know that Pegacorn Fluff has 2 HP at Level 1. What you told me is at Level 14, it's 197.
So, the growth per level is (197 - 2)/(14 - 1) = 15. Hence, at level 50, it will have 2 (base HP) + 15 * 49 (HP grown over levels 2-50) = 737. And that's what checks out.
And I derped again with the Pumperilla HP computation, I mean I got the right answer but the math all wrong. Idk where I even pulled those numbers from. rofl
The correct equation was Pumperilla has 426 HP at Level 30, and 14 HP growth, so at 50 it becomes 426 + 20 * 14 = 706. emotion_facepalm
See this is why I do theoretical math. When it comes to actually applying it I am prone to stupid careless errors like these. rofl
That's not a lot of HP, but try having Jasper Cabochomp. rofl I have one and leveling it is a pain because it absolutely CANNOT take a hit. emotion_facepalm
It has an HP growth of like 4 per level so it's 200+ max (I forget the exact stat). emotion_facepalm

But your drawings are great. They're adorable. <33

(Will continue comment. I have a feeling I'll break your comments if I post this all at once)
Argentite Report | 11/24/2015 11:37 pm
Huehuehue~ You're welcome~ ^w^

Sure thing~ =w=
You really don't. Trust me. I'm not just mean, I'm downright evil. I'm seriously trying not to be, but eh. Real struggle. Guess that's how it is with everyone, really, but well.

Welp, I derped on that one. For whatever reason I pegged life growth at 13 instead of 15 per level which should've been what I got. 737 = 49 * 15 + 2, that checks out.
737 is definitely very good. That's even higher than what Pumperilla ends up (430 + 19 * 14 = 706) with and Pumperilla is a pretty tanky kin as is.
But yeah, I have it. There is no way I'm raising it without Ally Plus pots or a lot of Singe/Death Dealers (I have like 600+ Singe though, so that's not a problem) because it cannot do anything for the first few levels. lol
Now you've told me about it though it seems I might have to give it a chance... but I do want to get my Sterling and Hembria to the next stage. (Yeah, I have a lot of kin. Been playing this forever.)

You know, that's good enough for me. I always love art, as I'm not that great at drawing myself. ^^;;

Idk, people like to hate what's popular and it was easy to pick on Bieber because his early shtick was singing in a high-pitched, feminine voice. I mean, I didn't really enjoy his first few albums except for "Baby" but he wasn't worth my juvenile ridicule. xd

As for metal... it's acquired taste, especially some of the more extreme genres. For example, I've liked power metal since my early high school days because DragonForce (I have their first three albums) and I've always dug classic speed metal thanks to my dad (he's a REALLY big Deep Purple fan) but I only started really liking death metal not too long before graduating high school, and black metal maybe sometime junior year in college.
Metal is a really huge umbrella of stuff. You have stuff with actually legible operatic singing, and then sometimes the vocals are from the bowels of hell and the guitars are just really dragged out. Not to mention different production styles and approaches...
For the appeal? There are many things, but a lot of it is the sheer energy, especially in genres like power and thrash metal. Sometimes I like the sheer chaos that you describe. Sometimes I like the grim and frostbitten atmosphere a good black metal album delivers. When I listen to, say, Deafheaven or Pallbearer, I feel like I'm flying. And then there are strangely catchy metal songs. For example, if you've listened to the genre long enough, you'll start finding Arch Enemy ridiculously catchy. lol (I got "Dead Inside" stuck in Saff's head. "Silverwing" is in fact the title of a song on the same Arch Enemy album with that one. And my current username, Argentite, is a reference to a Sonata Arctica lyric.)
And then there's the whole part of me being a guitar player. Metal is a guitarist's genre.

Bandcamp is just another online music distribution platform for musicians. You can buy CDs/vinyls on Bandcamp, you can download music there too like with iTunes/Amazon and stream their songs there. If you're not sold on the music yet, often, bands will allow you to listen first and judge if you want something. Many of the obscure-ish bands I like are on Bandcamp so it's been a convenient way to get music.
Payonai Report | 11/24/2015 11:43 am
thank you for the kind words snoozey!
I'll give you a better response in a bit regarding your surgery-- I really hope all goes well.
Right now I'm away and back to my computer but I'm just letting you know I don't plan to send you another one of my famous way-too-late replies!
Argentite Report | 11/24/2015 8:50 am
Heh, you haven't met the truly mean me. I'll just say that while there aren't too many people who actively dislike me if they do it isn't entirely their fault. Gonna leave it at that, but that's what life is. I've done regrettable things but you can't please everyone. I don't think I can find it in me to be mean to you of all people though ;w; <3

No, his HP actually caps out higher than Skulverine's. I'm getting a projected max HP of 639 (HP grows linearly, and iirc he starts out with 2 HP at Level 1). o.o
Considering Pumperilla caps out at like 704 or something that is not bad.
80 resist means you don't get statused super badly... idk. It's lower than Skulverine (85) but better than my Pumperilla's 75 and Pumperilla is always poisoned but I guess you gotta live with that if you farm Sycamorte for a living. rofl

Welcome, welcome!
Honestly, I don't have a lot of things I really want, and the two items I want (well, three, I want two copies of one) are hideously expensive and right now remain pipe dreams.
(though if I grind enough I could end up with them at some point)
Really, don't worry about it, I'm just happy to help you out.

Hee~ Welcome~
Ahh, it gets like that, huh. It is annoying to have to take pills so early in the morning... but yeah, at least that's one way of looking at it.

Glad you dug the song! Never was a big fan of Bieber's from the first two albums, but I heard his latest and it's surprisingly good.
I listen to lots of things. I love metal, but I can appreciate most other things anyway. Saff's like that too, really.
Before this, on my profile, I had an intriguing EDM cover of a black metal classic. I've had doom, blackened death, power metal on my profile, and assorted punk and pop punk songs and even some pop.
I wish my Last.FM were more up-to-date but I play mostly not-so-popular Bandcamp stuff nowadays and haven't set up scrobbling for Win10 so yeah.
Payonai Report | 11/24/2015 2:52 am
im sorry i'm terrible with the slow speed of my replies, but i'm glad you get me
even if it takes months i'll always eventually reply, i promise emotion_brofist

that sounds pretty concerning. I know it was a few days ago, but did your dr say everything's ok?
i have -15% knowledge about medical stuff, but i'm glad to hear you're ok for the most part at least
the past few days haven't been great- but i'm not stressed out or anything, so that's good

Argentite Report | 11/23/2015 1:23 pm
Oh no, not at all. I am not that nice. I can be downright horrible.
I may act all nice and helpful and stuff but I have a mean streak. I try and keep it down but sometimes I can't help myself.
Though with SiIverwing I actually didn't do anything, I just got banned for "suspicious activity" and am trying to get it sorted out.
As for The Deuteragonist, I got punished for things I did on my mule, mostly vigilante justice and stuff. Gore spamming some jerk who was crashing Gaia...
I did that in November, but got banned in February for it. emotion_facepalm

Okies~ *huggles back*

Ahh, I see. I have one of my own but haven't done much with it. Maybe I should try, it's probably one of those weak but high growth kin...

Okay, then! But the offer's always there. Especially because I finally finished my quest. =w=
And I'll let you know if I can somehow get my hands on Pumpae. o3o

*huggles more*
Ahh... I guess with those kinds of things, it really is hard to manage without surgery or a lifetime medication regimen...
But I'm glad it doesn't seem to be causing you too much trouble for now. Still, I'll hope that it gets better, by surgery or otherwise. ;w;
Argentite Report | 11/23/2015 11:09 am
Seven times, not counting a couple of temp bans I got for some trolling I did in the past. A lot of the accounts that got banned were pretty poor tbh but The Deuteragonist and SiIverwing had lots of nice items. orz
Kinda salty about losing those two, though I might get SiIverwing back sometime next year, idk anymore.

I'll give you whatever I stumble upon, though. :3

Ahh, I see... Good luck with that! I never had much patience for Pegacorn Fluff unless you're talking Sakura, which I wish I had but I'm fine with the Kin I have right now. o3o
You know, I don't mind loaning you my Pumperilla; she's at Level 38 and manhandles Area 4 Sycamorte and even some Area 5 Sycamorte (she can beat Phantoms, but you need to heal her). In the middle of farming for something but it shouldn't take too much longer, so once I'm done, since I won't be questing for a while after that, how would you like to borrow her?
I can also loan you my Skulverine but honestly Skully isn't very efficient (needs lots of potions) and is only good for low-level Sycamorte. He does get a new move at Level 30 though and he's close to it.

*clings back* I know, but still. Don't want you sick. ;3;
Well, we'll just hope for the best, like I said. ;w;

Bonjour <3

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