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Mon Cherie

So allow me to flow as I propose a toast to the good life on a good night we gon grab a bottle and go to the hoe doe yes a beautiful night colorful Kodak photo but as soon as you went to room I guess you froze

She got so many hoes she hoeing, but im the only one worth knowing and yea she do her dirt, but that's for the flowers to frown in, I aint trippin but she be trippin, they aint got s**t on me, but she keep sniffin

Lets stay together til we're ghost, I wanna witness love I've never seen it close

Thinking about a certain somebody that perfect somebody...

She got service road curves and highway eyes, the road to her soul just follow the road signs...

God is my creator, I am very poetic, I speak my mind, I don't trust many, I walk with confidence and with a secret feeling and understand I'm out for the gold and stay killin it

Total sweetheart love this girl!


My Buddy!

I want... Please help me get...

Dream Avi below