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Well... What can I say about myself? Um... I am shy, not very talkative; I will try to avoid talking to anyone using whatever method I can come up with; just to avoid the anxiety. So sorry in advance if I ignore you, really; I know it's rude and I'll try to talk... But you can't guarantee something not awkward.

But... I do greatly enjoy playing Video games. Mainly a lot of Pokemon; that being the only way you can get me to talk for hours if you bring it up. But I also love Megaman(about every series but Legends. Haven't gotten around to playing it yet.), Final Fantasy(Mostly 1-10), and a bunch others I am too lazy to bring up.

And... I also love writing, A LOT. But I find myself being too shy to ever show anyone what I can do, sadly. Ahem, but yes, I love writing and well, bug catching. I don't have many hobbies but these and playing video games, haha. Oh... And I am learning French; kinda having a bit of trouble with that... Not gonna give up though, I need something to accomplish.

But, um, yeah, I don't have much to say for myself but that. Eh, I was never good at writing these.