Need to know only, right Love?

I'm asian. Call me Mimi. I'm nineteen; a sophmore in college. I'm taken.

I mostly resign in the Lifestyle Discussion and Barton Town. Feel free to shoot me up if you want me to join any of your roleplays, except disney roleplay. I don't do disney.



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My Art! :3



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Hey c;

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haha yeah, i wanna change it but inflation sigh
quite uneventful

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quite uneventful

yeah by now I'm used to all this s**t neutral thankfully I had really expensive items at the time so when I sold them i got a huge profit but after the market went kaploot it was pretty much worthless
I don't care much about my avatar now, but I have a lot of items now haha
funny how that works :/
the gold sinks are worthless now
it's so disappointing... I'm so sad cause now I'm sure Gaia will be closing soon :C or like breaking down or something

ah man I hope so @__@ sadly I don't have that, I'm forced to go to school like a normal student and s**t, and also take the end of the year dominican form of the SAT's /:
ah man that is so cool you have no idea O VO!!! I wish you luck with all those internships and especially your jobs @_@ It sounds really stressful but I know you'll get through!!
awwww <3 how is he anyways? that is so adorable pfttt -SQUISHES YOUR CHEEKS-

also yeah the concert I went to was like a reggeton concert and the rich people started fighting up on the stands, then it turned into people throwing s**t at people and as soon as that happened someone pulled out ******** gun and started shooting. needless to say I ran right out of there as soon as I saw s**t going down omg @_____@
(SORRY I didn't respond till now!! I forgot I hadn't responded and only read your message, GOMEN, that day I was so busy @_@ went to the clearest beach in DR, if you wanna see I have pics!!! : D)
quite uneventful

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quite uneventful

mmm idk, there are some REALLY GOOD cocktails and like a lot of mixes that taste delicious emotion_drool
and wine is sometimes pretty damn good emotion_bigheart
ah yeah, THAT. that starteed back in like, the summer of last year. flynn's booty. then it evolved into all this s**t. makes it so much harder to DO anything on this website.
I can honestly say the only reason I'm still here is because of the b/c forum. emotion_donotwant

I've been great! Just passed to 12th grade and in my summer I've been going to so many beaches and etc I feel like my skin is gonna fall off from the dark a** tan I have, PFTTT
how about you? how's college? (or did you graduate already? gosh it's been a while ahahha!!) =w=
quite uneventful

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quite uneventful

oh shoosh emotion_puke
funny thing is like two days later my aunt offered some alcohol to my friends and I and I was like why the hell not???
OTL ;;
yooo Mimi!! how've you been doing? it's so cool seeing you've come back : )!!

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question How are you, nice eye
Friend of Fungus

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Friend of Fungus

You' re welcome. I'm glad I could help. emotion_bigheart

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I got you.


I need help with just the content..
Queen Elsa Is Icolation

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Queen Elsa Is Icolation

I was going to give you an item.
Queen Elsa Is Icolation

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Queen Elsa Is Icolation

Oh sorry I haven't been on for a long time.what item?


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