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    Hello there!
    I suppose you came here lookin' for some
    info about me.
    First of all, welcome to my profile.
    I hope you enjoy your visit!
    Now, onto the actual info. xD
    I'm an IB student in high school, this limits
    my time on gaia often.
    I am also Vietnamese, 16.
    Going on to 17 in July.
    My favorite food is Pho. <3
    If there's anything else you'd like to know,
    just ask me. ^w^
    I love new friends btw, feel free to add me.


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Kitana Hiki

Report | 04/13/2014 1:39 pm

Kitana Hiki

Thank youuuu ^^
New items that I haven't had before O3O heart

Report | 04/13/2014 5:12 am


It was a pleasure to give to a lady so sweet. redface
Lucid Hallucinogen

Report | 04/12/2014 1:13 pm

Lucid Hallucinogen

Thank you very much!
Jed Almighty

Report | 04/12/2014 9:38 am

Jed Almighty

Thank you so much for those items! <333
Department of Mysteries

Report | 04/11/2014 4:44 pm

Department of Mysteries

Thank you so much.
I also adore your avatar. It's so cute.
Sissi Nina

Report | 04/10/2014 6:50 pm

Sissi Nina

Department of Mysteries

Report | 04/10/2014 12:32 pm

Department of Mysteries

Thanks so much!
F a i i r y y

Report | 04/10/2014 12:28 pm

F a i i r y y

thank you for the gold hun! ^_^

Report | 04/09/2014 7:15 pm


of course hun <3

Report | 04/08/2014 6:34 pm


XD You're welcome! heart


There's no meaningful difference between a real and a virtual world. It's pointless to ask anyone who they really are. All you can do is accept and believe in them. — Kazuto Kirigaya