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Princess Rhode Report | 05/10/2015 6:50 am
stop pooping Report | 05/04/2015 8:00 am
nah not really
tbh bartending isn't my thing bc i'm a server
i know how to make all the basics and stuff but no real interest in learning specialty cocktail building

but it could make you p much any classic cocktail
stop pooping Report | 05/03/2015 8:29 pm
hahaha there's a mexican place near me that does them
well a few mexican places but yeah

i can make them they're not hard
you literally just take a standard margarita recipe and multiply everything by five
stop pooping Report | 05/03/2015 4:42 pm
it's literally a hubcap
filled with margarita
and you drink it all
then die
always russian Report | 04/26/2015 11:12 pm
yes i like the art!! its so cute and right in my face
always russian Report | 04/26/2015 11:02 am was bc i wanted to code it and make it really cool but i nevr got around to it im dum
always russian Report | 04/26/2015 10:46 am
u called me a dork
always russian Report | 04/25/2015 10:56 pm
ur a dork
always russian Report | 04/25/2015 12:25 am
damn it i msged u right when u probably got offline
always russian Report | 04/25/2015 12:15 am
pls lov me