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As a 23-year old freelance writer/editor, online salesman, and Game Design college student, I have spent most of my life online. When I was 14, I was introduced to Gaiaonline (then go-gaia.com) and fostered my love of writing and creativity.

Thanks in no small part to my role-playing excursions on this website, I ultimately succeeded in most of my classes as a writer. I intend on honoring that notion by writing a book about my experiences here, specifically with my original guild from my original account (Quesiathan), Demons of the Maelstrom.

I look forward to sharing my projects with the entirety of Gaia once again and hope to expand upon the legacy left by Demons of the Maelstrom.

Stay tuned!


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hi im tools Report | 12/10/2009 9:31 pm
hi im tools
Oh yeah, no problem 8D
hi im tools Report | 12/09/2009 1:59 pm
hi im tools
Your name is exciting 8D
MissDudette13 Report | 12/05/2009 11:08 pm
Like, seriously. :/

Well, yeah, my brother put both the Demon and Alruna on at one time and they looked pretty good. 8]
MissDudette13 Report | 12/05/2009 8:46 pm
Haha, really? See, my brother had an acount back in '04, too, but he had one that didn't require a email and then he left for a year or two, so he lost the account. :/ Poor guy. >.<

Haha, YAYZ for teh HORNS OF THE DEMON! You know you can equip with Alruna's Rose's horns? 8D
MissDudette13 Report | 12/04/2009 6:44 pm
Well, that's what I've heard... :/ *is only a year old*

Are the Horns, are they THE HORNS?? O.O
MissDudette13 Report | 12/04/2009 6:34 pm
Wow, 10K??

Gah, I wish I was on back in the day...

Yeppers, we'll see about these profiles. ^^
MissDudette13 Report | 12/03/2009 1:28 pm
Well, that is something. ^^

Well, we shall see about my profiles working out. There's a bit of work in them, but not nearly as much as the work profile coders are putting up right now... But I keep thinking I'd do well since most profiles run from 25 to 100K and up, and mine will only be about 1 to 10K. ^^ Right now I'm working on getting my Thread Layout done, so we shall see how my bisuness goes. (:

I hear you on that one. My brother is getting ready to pay a good 500K for chibi avie art from Feines... 500K!!!! O.O
MissDudette13 Report | 11/30/2009 9:06 am
Haha, really? I bet that was something. ^^ Whas it a good business at the time?

Well, I have a really good friend who is selling profiles and thread layouts and is doing well because of it. So I'm kind'a on the fence about selling profiles since she's already doing it...

But she does the Classics, and I do Currents, so maybe it would be alright... :/

Pricing, though, won't be hard at all. I'll just take a look around to figure that out. I know I don't have the best Currents, so mine will be pretty cheap. :] Maybe I should cater to the sort'a n00bish Gaians?
MissDudette13 Report | 11/28/2009 11:44 pm
Haha, I prolly wouldn't mind doing one for you, either. ^^

Just to warn you, though, I'm kind'a obsessive-compulsive about these things, so you might get bugged all the time... O.O

I keep thinking maybe I could make a shop for this style of profile, but I'm not too sure... :/
MissDudette13 Report | 11/28/2009 11:32 pm
No, I figured it out. I had been saving and rediting on the same page for about an hour and half, so it finally had enough and wouldn't let me save the COMPLETE finished project. I just cleared my internet chache and saved it for the last time, and now I have my Violet Vampire Knight profile up and running!!! 8D Huzzah!

Yet another tip to add to my growing collection of Gaia CSS profile info in my brain's file cabinet. ^^


Check out my new Roleplay: Maelstrom Reborn - A Modern Epic

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If you're curious about my role-playing history and a bit of Gaian history, check out my original guild Demons of the Maelstrom (2004-2005).
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