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TrIpPlEsEc Report | 06/17/2014 3:36 am

Post this message on 3 profiles and press ALT and F4 and you will get ONE MILLION GOLD AND AN ANGELIC HALO
Cadan Law Report | 07/26/2013 3:17 pm
Cadan Law
hello~ and sorry for taking so long to reply~
my name is D, pleasure to meet you~
and thank you for accepting
wulfinn Report | 07/23/2013 3:35 pm
* I open's a a small golden box, there are flashing's and rainbow's and glowing from inside *
wulfinn Report | 07/22/2013 11:22 am
very nice
Ellise Belmont Report | 07/17/2013 8:23 pm
Ellise Belmont
Raven Slithertongue Report | 07/17/2013 6:19 pm
Raven Slithertongue
Aren't you cute~.
Jace Has Moved Report | 07/14/2013 1:35 pm
Jace Has Moved
Thank you!
AtlasDao Report | 06/22/2013 3:57 pm
keep what up? :O
and for how long?
Wes Von Helson Report | 06/19/2013 4:32 pm
Wes Von Helson
IMVU is same as here, hon. WesVonHelson.
Viktor Richtofen Report | 04/25/2013 4:55 am
Viktor Richtofen
hey ^^;; long time no speak



"Life is bittersweet, memories don't let you forget that."




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I was born 08/06/1993. I grew up with my 2 younger brothers. Tyler was born 12/29/1997 and Nicholas was born 2/15/2005. My brothers mean the world to me. My mom used to be there for me. Something happened to her when I was 5 and since then she was never the same. I watched her soul die over the years. By the time I was 12 and could understand what was wrong she had become a shell of who she used to be. I never got to know my step-father. When my step-father would be available my mother would have me too busy with chores or she was busy reprimanding me. I was a catholic school teacher from 12 until 16. I was the youngest known catechist in the state of New York. I didn't enjoy it very much because my mom made me do it. I lost faith in many things because of my harsh upbringing. I went off the deep end when I was in high school and became a nymphomaniac and a kleptomaniac. My step-father left when I was 16 and my mom was left with nothing. My brothers and I would get beaten if we had a block of ramen without asking. I resorted to my kleptomania and supported the household. I looked up one day and saw how empty my life was. I considered killing myself. I however did not and began writing dark poetry. I would try to get regular jobs but my mom would beat me if I didn't come home with enough money. She forced me to sign over my college fund to her to pay for the divorce. When she got child support money she used it to go shopping for herself to distract her from life. At 17 Facebook signed me up on a dating site and when I went to cancel I hit the wrong button and was thrown into a chat with a guy named Scott. We talked a lot and started dating. One day while my mom was beating me my phone called his number. I had no idea it had called him and my phone fell out of my pocket. My mom flipped out because the call said it was on for 9 minutes or so. I ripped out the battery and threw the phone on the counter then my mom continued to beat me. It was over her dress getting ripped in the dryer. She said I did it on purpose. Her beating me didn't bother me anymore but it was still annoying. Scott called me the following day asking me to meet him at 2 am. (I wasn't allowed to date anyone so I had to sneak out to see him at night after my mom fell asleep) I met up with him and he just hugged me and said he was so sorry about my mom. He promised to help me leave when I had to. I didn't get to have friends until my last 2 years of high school. When I finally made some I graduated and lost contact with them. I snapped at 18 and after going to an Incubus concert with Scott. We had broken up over something stupid that summer but got back together at that concert. I got a message from my mom screaming at me for not doing the dishes. Scott took home and dropped me off. I looked in the kitchen window and saw a cup in the sink. A single cup no joke made me move out. I went to my friend Chelsea's house because my mom never met Chelsea. I hid there for a week. My mom sent out search parties for me and called the police. An officer called me and requested that I go home. I told the officer, "I am 18 years old and if I go back to that house I will be in fear for my life." The officer said ok and then I hung up. After that I tried working at a few places but the pay wasn't enough to sustain myself. I came across an ad on craigslist and clicked on it. It was a porn industry job board. Begrudgingly I made an account and had numerous hits. I was in several private videos, was raped at least 8 times and almost forced into prostitution on more than one occasion. I didn't meet my biological father until I moved out when I was 18. This is because he's a quadriplegic. My mom left him when I was 3 after he had his accident. I lived with my friend Melanie from september to november. She kicked me out so I lived with my father for a month, then my aunt from january to spetember, then my father again until december and then with Scott. Scott and I moved in together and I held a few jobs but they weren't paying enough Scott said. I resorted to porn and made a lot of money but really didn't enjoy it. I took up smoking and drinking to cope with the stress. One day my friend Amber called me and offered me to move in with her and her boyfriend. I took her up on that offer and moved 500 miles away from long island all the way upstate in june. I now have a regular job and I begrudgingly have a sugar daddy. I'm still dating Scott but our relationship's been complicated. I don't think we're staying together especially since I met Dan on here last year. Urrgh... relationships can drive me mad. I'm hoping to move out of Amber's and get my own place soon so I can save up, get rid of any porn related stuff, get a car and go to college. I want to be a mortician and eventually a neuroscientist. I have a theory that I believe will make cloning. Actual full personality and body cloning possible. The education for it is extremely expensive though so I hope my mortuary job will support me. I also want to pull my entire family out of this financial rut and overall make their lives better.


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Ellise Belmont