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Even when you're finally happy, your demons will still want to play.


Lubbs life is going to fast. She cant find a foothold to stop the world from swirling away from her. Shes being pushed into the world much faster than intended. What happened to baby steps Lubb? Its just one big leap after another for Lubb. Forget the ocean and its vast choices. Forget the blinding sun and beauty crap. Shes rapidly moving down a river whos current wont let her up to breath. Shes drowning in the pressure of making a life. And making a living and creating a character that contradicts with who she really is. She just cant breath with everyone pushing her down with their beliefs and ideas. Lubbs so stressed. The ride isnt smooth like a gentle flowing stream. Shes being yanked side by side by a current that seems to want to rip her to pieces. This rivers gotta end soon right? Dont rivers all lead to the ocean. Lubb hopes so.

A elephant jumping on a trampoline that I envy for its strangeness

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