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cookiegurl95 Report | 07/27/2011 6:56 pm
cookiegurl95 Report | 07/26/2011 11:58 am
lol kool O.o this weekend i got a black eye and broke mah arm xD im happy bout it for some reason o.O
cookiegurl95 Report | 07/22/2011 6:38 pm
lol yeah i have been buisy so i couldnt get on gaia so yeah ...how r uz??? razz xD
cookiegurl95 Report | 05/05/2011 6:41 pm
xd ive been buisy
cookiegurl95 Report | 05/05/2011 1:35 pm
cookiegurl95 Report | 05/04/2011 4:10 pm
no no no lolz i jst wntd 2 know wat program it was bcuz i want 2 get mah siss some gold bcuz shes new and she playz gaia and i kinda promised her i would try to get her some gold but i dont has any and i wanted 2
try to find a way 2 get some NO lie
cookiegurl95 Report | 05/03/2011 3:56 pm
nvm srry :/ sweatdrop
cookiegurl95 Report | 04/30/2011 10:00 am
hey i cant remember but did u say u had a hack for gold or somethin? cuz i remember u sayin somethin like tht bt yeah O.o oh by the way kool avi razz
User friendly neighbor Report | 04/20/2011 4:37 pm
User friendly neighbor
shove it up his a** LIKE A BOSS lol
User friendly neighbor Report | 04/19/2011 5:06 pm
User friendly neighbor
dude, an asian showed me that video XD