-l- Red Flame -l-

My full name is to never be given away. Don't bother getting together with me
I wish I wasn't american. I can be a new character everyday. I am like superman without a mask.
My past life is to never be talked about. and I am a mystery and always will be a mystery to you.
I am 19 years old and growing older by the minute
Life will end soon for me but you should have no care in it.
I do have feelings but there in a jar on my dresser.
I fool around and do dumb s**t in life
I have my own path in life which is blocked off.
for you stupid assholes it means no one is like me.
You can never expect what I say.
Don't compliment me.
I've changed and in the future I will again.
My heart is to not be touched.
I am currently single but.. I have my eye on someone.
I don't like children very much..
I am not so much into getting to know new people but it's whatever.
You most likely mean nothing to me.
I enjoy talking to someone who is interesting.
Try to be honest with me. I can take criticism.
I am going to go now. . .
Have a horrible day.
Good-bye now.



-I- Black Flame -I-
-l- Red Flame -l-