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(Real Name: Alex)(Crush)
(Gaia Nicknames: Reks,Rekie,Tiduz,Tiger,Prince Charming,Arex)
(Age: 6/26/95)
(Dislikes: Losing Friends,Ex Girlfriends,Being Jealous, School, Slow Internet,Being Ignored. . and lastly DRAMA)
(Love/Likes Cola-New Friends-Research-Girls-Being Lazy-Art-Music-Games-Sleep-Anime-Asians)

I forgot to mention in my dislikes I really don't like when people reply only in one words.. it's annoys the hell outta me js."-

Other things about me you're wandering I suppose hm?.. :L I'm to lazy to think of what else to mention here.

Avi Art-Past/Present

(Skype user: Arex120)
truly sorry haven't been on much.
maybe I'll find the time some day.~


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