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Report | 07/26/2014 5:31 am


Ello ~ o u o; //waves at
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Report | 01/27/2014 12:24 am


cries come back and spazz about winnertv w/ me

okay really creepy thing happening
the captcha says "Enter the following: COME BACK"
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Report | 01/20/2014 8:55 pm

Slick Southpaw

emotion_bigheart thank you!
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Report | 12/24/2013 2:01 pm


Merry Christmas to you as well dear ^w^
and the happiest new year ever heart
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Report | 12/15/2013 3:46 pm


yes indeed ;_; ugh I say I won't touch the marketplace but I'll prob find myself buying stuff..
that beyond brown item is too adorbs but sooo inflated ><
&aww thanks but I still have so much to learn and improve~ I'm sure yours would be way better! wink
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Report | 12/15/2013 12:40 pm


Haha np! I'm not sure if it'll be of much help now that the marketplace is soo effed up by the inflation s:
If only I had more pure on hand >_< Good luck with your quest! I don't think I'm gonna be touching the marketplace any time soon. I think I'm just gonna take advantage of the inflation by selling art atm. Then hopefully the value of gold will increase through time XD
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Report | 12/14/2013 11:00 pm


dam 4 hours! Time sure flies by on gaia LOL.
I'll help you w/ your quest biggrin
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Report | 12/14/2013 10:36 pm


LOL why tyty -bows-
What have you been doing on gaia?
I'm trying to find something to do...
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Report | 12/14/2013 10:31 pm


HI BBY you're on so late!
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Report | 12/13/2013 7:34 am

Kirae Tsuki Uchiha

You're very welcome sweetheart!!~ Have a wonderful Holiday! User Image
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Report | 12/13/2013 6:59 am


thank you for the bunny emotion_kirakira i wish u good luck to your quest gaia_kittenstar gaia_diamond
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Report | 05/06/2013 6:41 am


<sub>Everything helps!
and thank you very much! * U *
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Report | 05/05/2013 5:14 pm


thank you very much for the donation! * U * )/
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Report | 03/17/2012 11:14 pm

Tree Scab

Since it's been a little while since I posted your art and I haven't gotten a response from you I was wondering if you saw my post yet~
I just sort of...you know, need some sort of feedback sweatdrop
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Report | 03/17/2012 10:05 am


I like yours too. ; )
JAJIBA! You wanna go to the Y today with Amy and I? : )
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Report | 03/10/2012 2:50 pm


LOL ohlord I hope I don't get sucked into again, I regret buying all that art LOL.
I think I could have bought so many more items with the money used on art ^^;
& are you on msn? I think it'd be easier to talk there than here aha c:
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Report | 03/10/2012 2:45 pm


haha thanks c:
yeah but so far I don't see anyone selling any of those items ):
if you find anyone care to link me? c:
& really? I found a lot of things deflated ): like the kiki. It used to be almost at 2m T______T;
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Report | 03/10/2012 2:40 pm


hehe idk right now I'm tryna get this avi http://www.tektek.org/avatar/48533741
but knowing me, i wanna get those items with the least gold I can spend LMAO.
thus, I'm at the exchange selling my crappy staged rigs xD
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Report | 03/10/2012 2:37 pm


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Report | 03/03/2012 6:13 pm


JAJIBA! Your avi is so nice!
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