Some stuff about me. lel idk

Pansexual. Nuff said, I love all genders and love all equality <3.

Hate mean/rude/ignorant/ect. People

I'm a gamer, both Casual and Hardcore.

I'm Irish/Ginger.
I'm 23 and am a Gemini :3
I play League of Legends and Pokemon *I don't have ORAS THOUGH T.T*
Water Types for Life [Favorite pokemon ever is Squirtle-Blastoise. Fite me betch. jk. smile ]
I love people, maybe a bit too much :p

I'm a toughie as a divilish cutesy.

Talk to me betches <3.

LoL Summoner name - Creampai Senpai

Steam - darkwalla


I love coffee. I FKING LOVE COFFEE and Sweets! I want to open my own cafe one day <3. Currently I have a small bakery line named Patty Cakes! But it's not really up and ready yet but I Do to requests to showcase!