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I was lonely one day out viewing you.
You were feathered high and unusual.
I pretended to fly it was amusing you.
You flew closer it was through for you.

I said do you want to see the cage?
I wasn't planning to let you out,
You saw the view and you settled down,
There's my house, no there's my house.
I told the valet to keep the keys,
Why would you drive if you had wings?
Laughing 'cause you didn't get the joke.

My ninja said that's when I should have known.
Girl you don't understand you're so beautiful.
Whenever you're here I'm under your control.
But you just stare out of my window,

So I always let you go.
But then you come back again said
You were planning on letting me out,
I said so tell me where have you been?
You said it's nothing to stress about,
You need the key to the cage and money,
You say that you'll only be a few,
Don't know when you're coming back again,
Stuck in here, like a fool, like a fool,

You're so beautiful,
If you come back,
I'm ready to roll.
For now I'll stare out of my window,
Hoping, one day you'll let me go.


D a e x y n
x-Monotone Love
Commander Squee

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